Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm It.

Oh Tanja. I don't think you really want to know more.
(especially the things peeps don't know!)
It's dark in my closets.

1-I am VERY good at lying.

2-I dream of being organized. REALLY Organized. I bought a label maker, but forgot to label a place for it. Now it's lost.

3-As soon as $$$ gets tight, I want to spend spend spend. So, if you ever see me shopping, you'll know a major expense in my day to day life has occurred.

4-I don't consider Wil my soul mate. Soul Mates are destiny. Destiny comes and causes an effect~ Wil is my heart. Without it, I would cease to be.

5-I am a homebody. Love to get out every now and again, but I would rather be home not spending $$$~ just sitting in my chaos trying to get a grasp at where I should begin.

6-While growing up, I always had 2 boyfriends, just in case. Sorry boys. (except for Travis. He was the one I stayed true to. But then Wil came home from his mission first.... I married him because as soon as he was around me, my equillibrium got all skewed and I felt dizzy. I actually like feeling dizzy. Sometimes I just twirl to clear my head.)

7-I want everyone to think I'm funny. But you have to pay attention~ I'm quick and sometimes my humor can be deep. VERY deep.

If you knew all of things already, we must be very good friends. If not, you should call more often. I am almost always home.

I tag:

Someone DALICOUS~Kourtney Elise
A Mom of SONS- Jennifer
My Male MUSE- That's you, Sean

Feelin' Hot Hot HOT!

Swiss Days in So. Utah was HOT! Not only the temp, but the sales at our booth warmed our little hearts.

It was fun to find out people had seen via our blogs. we would be selling down there. Friends braved the heat to come see us. Thank you!!!

To say the least, we are exhausted. Kourtney and I spent Friday nite deep in last minute preparations and very shallow in the sleep department. (We actually pulled an ALL NIGHTER! When was the last time you attempted to function on absolutely NO sleep?) We were slightly loony nearing the end of the show...

I've been expereincing terrible pain since my tooth was fixed. How is that possible? Probably means more dental work for me. I go back in today for a cleaning~ however, I foresee needles and drillbits in my mind's eye~ and they won't be for crafting. Sigh.

I'll let you know if I've opted for dentures later today. Ugh.

I'm making Black Magic

I love Halloween.

This year I am going with a Black Magic Theme for my decor.

My BFF Martha, had an idea of taking any old flower wreath
and by simply spray painting it black, I can turn it into a spooky arrangement.
This can also be done to old ivy you have lying around.
I am so excited to start decorating.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So Flippin' Crazy

We're off to our show in St. George. If you are in the Washington County area, come see us at Santa Clara's Swiss Days!
Sorry for the lack of action here. Frequent trips to the dentist have put me in a terrible state. And I hate to admit that this is just the beginning of my dental relationship. (If you need a dentist, I love mine. Email me and I'll give you his info.)
Late night creative gatherings with the sisters have given me puffy eyes and an accelerated heart rate. (We ingest TONS of sugar~ maybe this is why the dentist is my new best friend?) I'm running on empty and yet, totally excited to go to this show.
I'll be back on Monday with renewed energy and hopefully a full wallet! Wish us luck!
Hope to see some of you! Mindi, April, Jenny, Stacey....etc.....
xxooxoxoxoxoxox, kris

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Really Foggy

Man. Saying It Simply is in power mode.
Kourtney and I pulled an all nighter yesterday.
At 3am I came home.
Got the boys off to school with promises of an all afternoon Wii-fest, IF they would walk to school. (I SOOOOOOOO needed Katey to keep snoozing so I could sleep, sleep, sleep.)
They agreed.
Kate woke on her own 6 minutes later.

No Sleep. Yet here I blog.
No worries, Kookie,(that's what my kiddo's call Kourtney)
I have finished ALL of the candies for the show and my orders are ALMOST all done. :)

Today 10 am:
A tooth I knew needed some TLC, but didn't know the extent of attention it demanded,
began POPPING with agonizing pain.
After a pleasant prescription & an appointment I am literally dreading,
I am in a real flitty fog. which makes the following statement seem simple to say:
I KNOW it's a root canal.

I hate the dentist.

I love the laughing gas.
If I survive, I'm going to do a GiVeaWaY of my chocolate stash.
I already hate 11 am tomorrow.

PF Chang From Natalie Jane

Click on the pic
and you can enter.

Just Try & Win it.

But I hope I do, instead.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thought for Food.

I need a new recipe. My kids love chicken, pork chops, Jess' ribs and steak.They don't love mac n cheese, spaghetti, salad or anything with flavor.

Any ideas?
I love EVERYTHING but fish.

Do you know how often I give in to cereal for dinner?

I have seriously picky people at my table.

Really Works

So, mornings are NOT fun around these parts.

1- I need at LEAST 30 mins to myself. (Before I start my headless chicken marathon.)
2-Wil stays up late with me. This either results in over sleeping OR a GrumpyGus attitude as he complains and states over and over, "I need to go to bed earlier." (I don't make him stay up~ the joy individuals experience while spending time with me is a natural occurrence. It is just part of what makes me ME.)
3-Jack wakes up ready to go. Chatter spewing from his pie hole. Incessant, Happy chatter. (This is NOT a good thing when I am still rubbing the sleep from my peepers.)
4-Luke takes after dear old mom. A HEFTY 30 mins to get him rolling. And I turn into a screaming me-me. (surprising. as I am a headless chicken)
5-Kate. Oh Kate. She does not awake happy. Whines and grumps for 30 minutes. No words. (This makes my heart stutter. I am trying to NOT go military on those preparing for their day, but the whimpers, oHHhhhhhhhh.... it could flip me into Drill Sergeant mode.)
So, today I tried something new. I sprayed Scentsy Room spray (don't you love SCENTSY?).

Three sprays in my room. One in the Bathroom. Two sprays in the boys room~ one above each slumbering boy. Everyone thought I was baking. Cookies for Breakfast? They couldn't get up fast enough.

BTW, Kate's door was closed tight during this experiment. Towel shoved at the bottom. Don't want her awake just yet.
I did this AFTER I had spent my 30 mins in BlogLand.
Happy Day.

You should try this.
My Jennifer sells it. She JUST started blogging. Hopefully she'll see this and post all about her Scentsy life!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Really True Or Really Untrue?

Thought I'd give you another look into my past lives. BUT... am I telling you the truth?

1- While attempting to come back across the border from an informal, (really, is there any other kind?) jaunt to Tijuana, Wil and I pull up to the gates of entry.
Authoritative figure nonchalantly asks, "Nationality?"
It takes a mere moment for me to weigh pros and cons of a witty response, and yet I still hear the words coming from my mouth,
He didn't think I was funny. A frisking (kinda like being man handled every now and again) and thorough car search (dang. Wil found my stash of contraband chocolaties) we went back to our home in Surprise, AZ. Like the barking instance (see here, if your curiousity is building) I am no longer allowed to be witty with authority.

2-After being married for 2 years, I excitedly receive an invitation to an ex's nuptual's. While waiting our turn to congratulate the newly wedded pair, I am tripping and skipping down relationship memory lane, lingering at the heated moments this bridegroom and I had shared. (Whew, I'm bringing up the tingles as I type.) My turn arrives and the glee HE shows at seeing me at his union celebration, gives me a lapse in present day reality and after I give him a big ol' hug, sipping in his scent. I follow it up with a UNioN-BReaKeR smooch. Longer than I EVER should have and HARDER than Wil and New Bride should have witnessed.
Yep. That's how I celebrate.

3-Picture 8th grade PE. Dixie Middle dark blue and gold gym clothes ~
shorts in the Daisy Duke length.
Ms. L~ whom I firmly believe was a member of the Dark Side, bellows:
"KickBall today."
Kickball? How had I never played before?
OK. It's like baseball. Got it.
3 outs. 1st base. 2nd base. 3rd base. Home.
These were all normally associated with the
dating I was longing to experience,
but I get it.
Pitcher does her best to surprise me with a low bouncing crazy pitch-thingy,
but I'm not fooled. I back up; get in three quick steps and BOOM.
Oh Yah. It's outta here.
I run to third.
Oh no. Not by way of 1st and 2nd.
Not me. I cut the middle men out and
go STRAIGHT for 3rd base.
Can you say, "All Star!"?
Don't YOU want to hang with me?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kate Reasons

Here's my preschooler.
Right before we enter the car and she begins the list of
reasons she shouldn't go:
"It makes me too tired."
"I need a time out."
"It's too much gas to drive there."
"Mommy, you will be sad when I am gone."
"I'll miss what happens on Maggie and the Ferocious Beast."
"I need to make my bed."
"I might throw up."
"I'm already smarter than you."
I really do love that she goes.
As soon as I drop her off,
I anxiously await some good quality time together.
As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Luke tripped at recess.
Fell smack on his mug.
This pic doesn't quite show the damage extensively,
but he has quite the goose egg developing and
his nose is beginning to swell
across the bridge.
My question:
Why didn't his school call me to come down and check him out?
He keeps saying his head really hurts.
They couldn't call me?
Am I over reacting?

Reality in aNutshell

My brown is fading fast.
I look very mousy.

Everytime I try to buy healthy~
it rots or is infested before I get to use it.

Kate is in preschool.
When I told her I was too old to stay for preschool, she told me to hide.
Let me tell you, she thinks I am VERY good at hiding.

My monitor did go caput.
But thanks to my Wil, I am looking at every little detail of your blog-lives
via 22" on a flat screen.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Stupid Computer Screen is wigging out on me. I don't know what is a real color ~ example: yesterday Joel asked me if I really wanted my background hot pink. I said, it's dark red. He said, "Not to the rest of the world."
It is so dark sometimes I can't see anything!
This being said, a new screen will arrive on Friday. I will leave loving and adoring comments to each and everyone of you soon. Well, just as soon as I can see your blogs again. Sigh. I miss you so much...
Kourtney, You are in charge.

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Biz card

Love Printing @Wally World.
This is our new Biz Card.
With a sweet deal from WalMart's Photo Center, I was able to fit 4 to a 4x6 pic.
Each pic was .15 cents.
(they are only 2x3 inches each but WHO CARES!!!!)
That's 400 cards for $15. AND they are exactly what we wanted.
If you are interested in having me
whip you up a batch of homemade biz cards,
I charge $20 for the computer work.

Don't you Want to be a Fairy

Kate and I just spent 30 minutes
and we BOTH had fun!
We crrated Kate's fairy by picking out hair color and style;
bejeweled her arm, ankle and hair;
fashioned an ensemble;
and were able to pick the name Peanut.
Which just happens to be Katey's nick name.
If you have a daughter, this was a fab way to spend a little time together.
If you don't, it was fun for me as I pictured the fairies from when I was young
flying through the flowers and garden.
(I was their Queen)
I believe I will return and make my very own.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

I got a REALLY wild hair yesterday

And colored all of my hair brown.
I'm happy.
Except that some of my strands were so bleached,
they now sport a purple hue.
yeah. I'm punk.
(april, I might need you to help me get the few strands to go darker.)
After I wash it, I'll post a pic.
Luke liked it better blonde.
Thanks Heather. I think you did a great job.