Monday, September 8, 2008

New Biz card

Love Printing @Wally World.
This is our new Biz Card.
With a sweet deal from WalMart's Photo Center, I was able to fit 4 to a 4x6 pic.
Each pic was .15 cents.
(they are only 2x3 inches each but WHO CARES!!!!)
That's 400 cards for $15. AND they are exactly what we wanted.
If you are interested in having me
whip you up a batch of homemade biz cards,
I charge $20 for the computer work.


Danielle Christiansen said...

cute cards..

april hickman said...

Kris,I love these cards. I need new buisness cards but don't know where to begin with design. I'll call you and maybe you can help me out.
How are you? I've been a loser blogger lately....sorry

Jess said...

those look am-A-zing. you are so talented my friend.
nice work!

kourtney said...

I do love these and what do you know, they are all cut!

Anonymous said...

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