Friday, September 12, 2008

Kate Reasons

Here's my preschooler.
Right before we enter the car and she begins the list of
reasons she shouldn't go:
"It makes me too tired."
"I need a time out."
"It's too much gas to drive there."
"Mommy, you will be sad when I am gone."
"I'll miss what happens on Maggie and the Ferocious Beast."
"I need to make my bed."
"I might throw up."
"I'm already smarter than you."
I really do love that she goes.
As soon as I drop her off,
I anxiously await some good quality time together.
As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Anonymous said...

Absence does make the heart grow fonder and it good for the both of you.

Love the I'm already smarter than you comment-classic!

Shauna said...

What a cutie! Can't believe she is old enough to go to preschool...wasn't she a tiny babe just weeks ago?!

:) Shauna

Libbi said...

Material Issue. Love it. Missing someone is always a good thing - as long as it does go on for too long.I would like the sign in example 2 (I think) it is the one in CAPITALS :)

CoLiE-O said...

i would love to come to the open house. depends on the day :) let me know! i am sad you didnt do swiss days in heber! will you be getting more trees next year? i can always wait since all the stuff i buy right now, goes straight to storage :(

Denise said...

What a little cutie!