Friday, April 24, 2009

I REALLY liked the Vampire

um... I wasn't a Wolf fan-
I really liked the vampire,
I may join the pack now.

Really? 11 days

Oh my.
Really? 11 days remain to campaign and gain (votes)

But I need your help!
Take this link

Take this pic

Tell your online friends and fam it only takes 2 seconds to vote
come back here and tell me you did it
Then I will enter you in a drawing to win fabulous prizes from NYC
*if I win the contest, that is

Thanks for ALL your help, amigos.
xx, kris

FYI:I am still in 1st out of about 3000 entries. To be considered for the big prize I need to remain within the top 20.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Really True? Or Really UNtrue?

Have you ever
wondered if someone was pregnant?
Did you ask? Even though you knew better?
Or did you do what I did:

them in the stomache and ask

"What's that?"
Only to hear this lovely person respond with,
"Nope. Not pregnant- just fat."

And did you try to think up something clever to respond with?
Something quick. Something fabulous. Like:
"I meant, where did you get your cute sweatshirt?"
Just to have this beautiful girl point to her hoodie
where it shouts it's name
Glitter and Glam

Yeah. Sometimes I'm not so quick.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Really sweet BACK

Meet Lily.
I made her for Katey yesterday.
Wanted to do this for-eh-vah.
Finally figured out how to curl yarn... and attached each strand by thread and needle.
She is 12" high and complete with a belly button and buns
However, modesty prevails and
we've covered up her posterior with stitched on bloomers~
For the record, I DID sculpt her some really sweet back.
This is the VERY first dolly I've made. Definitely a work in progress.
But ever since my Aunt Kimmy gifted me with a treasure of my own,
Oh so many years ago,
I've wanted to have another.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Really Drool

I won Cupcakes.
One dozen too-pretty-to-partake confections

Giveaway was from the fabulous blog

I'm sharing this because I actually love the way
The Sweet Tooth Fairy site looks.
Take a gander. You will drool.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Really Mad Skillz

You must go see what my friend Chrissy whipped,
literally, whipped out last night.
No pattern- just some mad skillz.
And you can see a picture of katey, too!

Really, Life Is Good.

I know why I have kids! Finally.

Kate is sorting laundry.
Luke is sweeping and mopping.
Jack is mowing the lawn.

Really, life is good.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Real, Really Real


Housework Is Dangerous

Do not attempt to grab laundry through stair banister to avoid walking 5 mores steps.
If it is necessary to do previous step, DO NOT pull a blanket through the banisters.
Outcome could be colorful.
For instance,
The banister could pop loose and in full force, whack you on the left eyebrow.
Medical attention not required IF you only end up with a goose nugget
*(not big enough to be considered an egg)
and a Real, Really Real black eye.

It's true, Whiners do get Shiners.
*No editing on this photo.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It turns out she Really knows bees

While whipping out a batch of delish homemade cornbread and honey butter
from this fab cookbook
(soon to be at your local utah Costco's ~ you must buy it)

Katey told me that she knows how bees make honey ~ it's very easy if you are a bee

Honey Recipe


Bees take the honey out of the bottle
Stir it.
Dump it into their hive
Then they add something like butter to the honey and bubbles and milk.
The bees grab some chocolate and strawberry sprinkles from the fridge
Shake it.
Put everything into a tube and just shake it again.
And then the bees deliver it to the store.
Me: How did you learn this Katey?
Kate: I didn't learn it. I just know bees.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

enter and win

Want a baby snuggler?
I'm trying to win it for someone I know who is having a baby.

NO, it is not me.
Click the pic to enter the Giveaway.

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Real Home

Have you ever gone back to your home town and pretended like you were a tourist? Donned your socks and sandals, camera in one hand, bottle of water in the other?

I highly recommend it.

Took the fam to "George" in hopes of some spring like weather (you know the kind, unseasonably hot) and we were so disappointed to watch the damn clouds roll in and out. HOWEVER, since swimming and sunning was not to be, we toured the country side of Southern Utah... checking out my old haunts.

The Veyo Pool... fed by a stream and so quaint. It will open on May 1st... remember field trips out there? I just new I would find me a romance.

Snow Canyon... beautiful and memory filled. Wil and I met 19 years ago over spring break (good grief! do I really want to admit that?) and had MANY pics taken of us in this beautiful locale.

Gunlock Reservoir Conveniently close to George... great water fun. Lost my swim suit top jumping off a rock... also had to be rescued buy a boater while trying to swim BACK across.... many many years ago.

Silver Reef mining town... toured the historic Wells Fargo Station. Took April and her 3 girlies on this tour... so fun watching the kids DISCOVER artifacts. Mia found a square headed nail... I saw animal poop.
Tuacahn outdoor amphitheater is gorgeous. You really must see this in person.
Even with all of this under our belt, we didn't scratch the surface of Touristing. I would love to move back. The heat, the sun, the memories, the fam and the friends.... nothing compares to St. George. As soon as we pass the first exit, I am rolling down the window and breathing deeply the scent of home.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

really, I'll be back

I am taking the entourage to sunshine and warmth.
We will return Monday, when

I will tell you yet another inappropriate~kris tale (you can decide if it's TALL or not)
I will tell you how bees make honey.... turns out Katey "knows bees".
I will share my favorite recipe book
I will tell you how much fun the entourage and I had being tourists in St. George
and Last BUT certainly NOT least,
We will begin our April push for the voters. (I really should run for office.)