Thursday, February 26, 2009

Really Pulled. Really Twisted. Really Wiggled.

So. I am the only victim of Blog Blahs?
Nothing seems funny enough, crazy enough, informative enough to write about as of late.

And then there is Luke.

When I picked him up from school; he told me lost his tooth at school.
Me: That's terrific, Buddy!
Tears begin to flow and he states again "I LOST my tooth at school!"
ME: What happened?
L: I was going to the bathroom and it must have fell in the toilet. I just opened up the holder to look at it... but it was gone.
~holder is a Tooth Necklace. Top can be removed to house tiny teeth 'til the owner can return home.
Me: You thought it important to check out the tooth while you were peeing?
L: I don't know. (more tears) Now the Tooth Fairy won't come!
Me: Just write a note explaining what happened.
L: Or....
Me: Or what?
L: Nothing.

Jump to bed time.
L: No worries!!! I pulled out the other one! Now she can bring me $$$$!!!!!
Me: Was it even loose?
L: No. But I just pulled REALLY hard. Twisted. Wiggled. (blood dripping from his mouth) I can put it under my pillow.
Me: I hope she brings you lots of $$$. It looks like you might be getting stitches to close up that hole.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Really Wet

Noticed water under the door to the laundry room. WHY today????
Wil returns tomorrow and I have been priding myself and no emergencies.

Turns out the hot water hose is drip, drip dripping where it attaches to the machine. I've taken it off, wiped down any residue and now? I can't get the hose to stay on when I twist (and shout). Every time I think my muscular build has accomplished the task,
I turn the main line back on

My Laundry room looks like a scene from a Steve Martin flick. (I'm playing Steve) The hose is whipping and slashing it's way to victory and freedom.

Needless to say I am a little wet. OK. Really Wet.

But I'll be damned if I have to call someone. Heck no. I can do this.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Really Out of Character

Oh. My. Gosh.
I have been getting along with My Entourage.
We have had fun.
We have shared the giggles.
We like each other this week.
And, I am still playing the Mom role in our production of life.
They even told me that they think I play acceptable music.

(I really do love Pink)
I am cool. The Entourage is cool.
Wil? is MIA.
I CAN do the single parent thing
It just takes Xanax.
And a My Ty...
(this was gratuitously for me!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Really, I didn't do anything

I find that I thrill most personally in my kids achievements.

At parent teacher conference today,
as teachers were telling me that my kids are very smart,
why did I say "Thank you"?
Is it because it was the only thing I had accomplished today?
Why did I want flowers and a trophy after Kate's dance recital?
Is it because I had actually taken her to each lesson and done her hair?

Realistically speaking, I need to find something I can achieve on my own~
not vicariously through my entourage. Hmmmm.... What to do.... What to do...