Thursday, January 29, 2009

Realistically Creative

As I am contemplating and subsequently purging or
placing each and EVERY item in the
(term of endearment for our abode),
I am attempting creative holders for my things.
Presently, I am stream-lining my desk. It is a disaster.
I need many different tools for Saying It Simply. They end up scattered about.
Tossed willy-nilly into a drawer; more frequently on the desk top.
I can't even sit at it without hyperventilating.

I realised that my fam is fond of hot chocolate

and the cans it comes in are perfectly sized for
pencils, scissors, pliers, glue sticks,bells and buttons.
Not very pretty though.
With a little scrapping paper and Mod Podge

I'm creating a work area that makes me want to work.
I love recycling.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Really Wednesday

I will be dusting the living room this morning.
I think I'll make Katey take a bath.
I've got some orders for SIS that need to be completed.
And then, I am going to dance.

Ms. Martha, sent me an email today with 100 reasons to declutter.

Clickity here
if you need help discovering WHY you should purge (ahhhh my word)
My #1 reason? I don't have room to dance like no one is watching.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Really Friendly Fun

Needed some girl time. Went out to lunch for
some chatter
and chow
with the fabulous Jennifer....
Oh she sells Scentsy, too.
I get to play with all the samples. It's so fun!
Finished off the adventure with some power shopping .
Went in to buy one gift.
We needed a cart
within 5 minutes of being there.
Does anyone else love sale pricing as much as I do?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Really Nothing

I don't have anything to write about. Nothing. I mean really Nothing.
I've been on Facebook quite a bit.
I cleaned the living room.
I made dinner.
I haven't been on a date w/ Wil since I won the trip to NYC.
I like Coke.
I need to shower, but I brushed my teeth.

Here's a question, any ideas for an inexpensive date? Watching the Cha-Ching, but I NEED to go out with him and soon. He's going on a trip. Anyone want to trade watching kids? I hate to pay a babysitter...
And, I really want a cookie avec milk.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

ok. i am a little slow, but i just saw ( and finished) Mamma Mia. I am so girly. I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT. Definitely on my wish list for Valentines....
I lovey my chick flicks. I adore when the fam is (oops) gone. It's ME time. However, we watched this as a fam... took some of the romantic feelings away as I was watching for inappropriate material...
Love the music....

Friday, January 23, 2009


A Boston Cream Pie Cupcake.
Delish. Simply scrumptious.
Thanks Martha. You know me so well.

Really, A missed Opportunity

He misspelled Opportunity...
Living in Utah we say it opperrrrrtunity.
He put in the "E". Dang.
That was (and I am not speaking from a Mother's love only here)
the only word that kept giving him trouble. Ugh!

Jack does not live realistically.
I am sure he thought he'd win a trip to Disneyland or NYC
when he swept the floor with his fellow 4th graders.

Ahhhh.... bittersweet. He'll live another day to spell... He has asked me to purchase a large dictionary on which he may highlight the words he memorizes.
Next year we'll change his name to Webster.
i am just so darn proud of him.
i hate speaking in public for fear of a faux pas.
Jack. He fears nothing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Really? A Spelling Bee on Friday?

Jack is a word hound.
Fond of using words he doesn't even know the meaning of...
It's taken him to the 4th grade spelling bee.
He can't go on after this (only 5th and 6th graders)-
but I think I'm happy about that.
We're up to our ears in definitions, origins and homonyms.

We received the list of words today, the Bee is Friday.

Living Realistically, I should expect Jack to enter a Spelling Bee w/out my knowledge.
Here's why:


Jack gets on stage at the Kinders Talent Show and states, "My mom was not able to make it here with my costume, but I'll perform without it. I'm going to entertain you with my version of "A Pirate's Life for Me."

Oh yeah. He sung the whole song. From what I hear, he acted it out, too. I found out when a neighbor called and told me what a good job he'd done.
I did not know I was making a costume.

First grade:
Jack volunteers to be George Washington in the first grade play.
I didn't know until I saw him perform it live.

Second Grade:
Jack participates in the classroom talent show. "I've been taking piano lessons from my mom (I cannot play the piano- i can pick out a tune and pluck it out. But that is it!) I am going to play the scale for you. Please watch how my thumb goes under on the way up and how my middle finger goes over on the way down. I have been practicing this technique."

Once again, I found all this out from a fellow mother.

I think he took 3rd grade off to gear up for something phenomenal. The Bee. I think HE thinks if he does spectacularly they'll make an exception and allow him to continue to regions.

I can say this, I just never know what I'm going to get with him around.

Really Crazy Idea

I have commitment phobias and a flustered personality when it comes to decorating my abode. Maybe with a Xanax I'll be able to make color choices for my walls.

Wil's going on a trip to dc soon. I think I'll try to spice up a wall or 2 while he is away. Anyone want to come and play with me? I have insane ideas when he leaves... remember when I bought sod for our yard... He was so thrilled with me!!!

Also, my BFF, Martha sent me this pic.

I think she knows I need a Barbie House table for some fashionable flair. I can make this... I have a saw and sandpaper.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Really Buried

Been suffering from Many headaches as of late...
I believe it is due to my mind being cluttered with the clutter in my life...

I want to walk through a room. Not over the junk.
I have successfully purged the boys room and Kate's room. Took two full days, but the kids have found that they like playing in there spaces now. Fabulous.

I just can't get motivated to be part of SIS. We are still actively creating and filling orders. But updating and sending out "You Whooooo's" to those who want to be in the know regarding our new Needfuls and Wants has been more of a chore than an exciting activity for me. Bare with me, we'll get back to the saws, drills, sanders and stitches soon.

I found myself tuning out my entourage. Anger would swell as they wanted to share with me a new race track or a high score~ since I was buried in Christmas baubles to be packed. I couldn't be bothered with their fun. They hadn't unloaded the dishwasher or put away the pile of clothes I had sorted, washed, dried and folded... Trying to make time thrilling in their creations, so they will in turn thrill at a clean and empty sink for me.

How easy it has been to put Mr.#1 on the back burner... When he would come home from work and ask if I'd thought about something for dinner irked and burned. I'm presently fixing that prob by making something (anything) for chow time. Now I can ask him to check off his Honey-Do's without feeling bad.

Ugh. Too much to list. But I'll just say this: Purge. My word for 2009. It's not a pretty word. It's definitely not material for a new Saying It Simply creation.... But it is my theme. Wish me luck.

So, if you still check up on me and would like me to still check up on you... Simply leave a comment here and I'll add you to my list of favorites. xx, k

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Revolutions

My Entourage of 3 wanted enlightenment regarding the significance of a NEW YEAR.

From the depths of years gone by, I shared with them attainable goals and ideas. You know, the basics on changing your life and situation one small step at a time... when you are 4, 6 and 9 years old.

They caught on quickly. Sure found it easy to help me make MY list...

Kate: You can try to not scream. Scream?!??!
Luke: Or make our beds by yourself because you fix them anyway.
Jack: Your list will be easy to make because there are a lot of things you can change.

Me: "No no no. You are trying to set goals for yourselves."

JLK: OOOOOOhhhhhhhh.

Me: Write them down and we'll post them where the family as a whole can help each other become better.

I wanted to share one with you. This is Luke's. I think I like the new name. It's bold.

Baby steps, friends.
Baby steps to your
New Year's Revolution.