Monday, November 24, 2008

I did. I REALLY did.

Miss my kids! (And guess what! I think they missed me, too!)

I'm back! New York! New York!!!


Oh yah. I'm a city girl.
Loved eVeRYTHiNG!!

hustle-the bustle
the lights-the sites
the peeps-the beeps
the crashes-the bashes
the subways-the one-ways
the trend-ers-the vendors...

Good Grief- I want to wake up in that city that doesn't sleep!!!!!!

*The Marriott on 40Th & 5Th- I felt like Fancy Nancy. (Frank the Bellman from Poland, made me feel beautifully, special. "Ciao, Bella".)

*The Late Show on Thursday- Letterman had game. Coached to no-end to laugh appropriately by one of his Pages, but not a necessary tactic...he was fab.

*Martha- Oops! Slept in and missed Big M's show. Hope she'll still email me. I would hate to miss out on our annual Christmas gift exchange. (We try to out-do each other's craftiness)
*Street Vendors- HELLO! They were no match for my charming wit. I didn't pay a dime over what I set my mind to- simply asked if they would charge a cousin those prices. ($45 for a knockoff pair of CC shades. Hell no! I walked away slipping him a $10 and closing the deal with a hug. Ya ya on 48Th loved me SOOOOOO much, she GAVE me the gloves. I kid you not!)

Who wants to go back with me? Let's get this trip planned.

This is Wil and Me in front of the Statue Of Liberty. I think it really captures the moment.

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU,
KUTV and Training Table!
You made my dreams come true.
xxoo, kris
(This is merely my first installment. I'll be sharing more.)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I know the pic is grainy, but you see here how tight Big M and I are. (She loves me.)
She heard I had a trip planned to spend quality time with Dave and not wanting to be left out of the KRIS EXPERIENCE, has invited me to spend one on one time with her at THE show. Oh yeah, I'm on the LIST.
(I'll probably receive my Holiday gift basket early. She's so thoughtful.)
If you need me to pass along any holiday greetings, leave your comments here and I'll make sure she knows you are thinking of her and her continued success.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Would you like to play?

Do you like to like to tease?

If so, I have a new, supremely-fun for-the-questioner game for you to play(I use the word "Play" lightly here) with your loved ones, co-workers and especially people who don't know you aren't actually friends- that frankly, you detest them quite a bit.

How to play:

This is my example from when I played this game with Wil (by the way, he falls into my "loved ones" category. Just thought it best if I clarify)

Locale: WalMart parking lot.
Me: Wil do you like that car?
Wil: Yeah. It's not bad for a Volkswagen.
Me: The color is great.
Wil: Very cool.
Me: Who does it belong to?
Wil: I don't know.
Me: Me neither. Then I laugh maniacally.
Oh.. So fun. I was taught this game by a 6 year old.

Locale: Village Inn for breakfast.
Game participants: 6 year old and Grandpa.
6: Grandpa do you know Jim Burtenshaw?
Pops: (thinking) No. No I don't think I do.
6:I don't either. (Takes bite of pancake)

Oh. My side! Classic. From the clever brain of a child comes Kris-fun for weeks.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Where the *#$% have I been?

Have you missed me?

Let me tell ya, Strept sucks as an adult. Is it possible to have a TERRIBLE pain in your throat for over a week and be on antibiotics? Been there, still hurtin'.

Did a show today that actually kind of sucked. Met some wonderful fellow crafters/vendors, but the buyers were lacking. That's hard to take after you've nearly killed yourself getting ready...

(BTW, if there are any of you out there awaiting the arrival of your orders from SIS, I have been stuck in bed for a good week, and I'm the one that completes the first part of your items. Please do not hold Kourtney responsible for the delay. I caught a bug from an infected 9 year old at a 4th grade Halloween extravaganza.)

I'm planning on posting some awesome tales next week. Please check back and keep me in your favs. I love you all. Really. Promise.

Harlene, I could REALLY down an Iceburg Shake. It's been years... and thanks for saying you won't call me "mom". :)

xxoo, kris