Saturday, August 29, 2009

Really, this makes no sense.

Why is that I can move the bunkbeds to make; move the couch to rearrange; run behind a 4 year old to two wheel train; toss a bag of grain... and not flinch.

But I begin to organize my Saying It Simply supplies and the shoebox filled with ribbons makes my back sieze. I cannot walk. I cannot breathe. (sp?- I hate spelling incorrectly) Sitting from standing is agony. Standing from sitting is nearly impossible.

Really, this makes no sense.

Damn. Reality Bites cuz it's probably due to the "girls".

Friday, August 28, 2009

Blog post from SIS

OH My!

SIS is being sold at
Cutsie Cakes opened yesterday
and can I just tell you that if you feel like being tempted, you must stop by and tantalize your tastey-buds with one or a dozen of Amber's delicious treats! We are talking GouRMeT, Folks!
While in NY we stopped by Magnolia, a Manhattan Cupcakery, where the wait could be hours for your first taste, it's so popular. But guess what! Amber's Cutsie Cakes put Magnolia to shame!!!! She is an expert at this confectionery treat!
This weeks Flavors are
Nilla Vanilla
Hungry Rabbit
Cocoa Diva
Happy Daisy
and My personal indulgence
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Good Grief they are good!!! We are, to put it simply, happy to be falling into fall with Cutsie Cakes! *Guess who made the curtains for the windows... yep, little ol' me. And I did the vinyl, too!
I have tons of new items to post for Saying It Simply. But I wanted to get the word out that we are now in a shop. Still doing custom orders for your hard to find items~ just needed to take a small hiatus to gather our gumption for new goodies.
We love the fall and it's endless supply of inspiring colors and themes. You will not be disappointed!