Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stop Thief!

Ahhh... I hate life lessons.
Jack's bike was stolen last night. Man, is he bummed. He's 8 and just doesn't understand why someone would take his bike. He feels personally attacked and I am aching for his hurt.
As I drove the boys to school, I had to play the Mom Role. Started out with a comment like, "This really sucks. It hurts to have someone take your stuff." And then I closed with, "I know you won't ever hurt others this way."
I am really pissed off right now.
(apologies for the language, but that is a cleaned up version.)
I'm going to take my bike back t'nite and get him a new one.
Make sure you lock up your goods, friends.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All of the 4-letter colorful Metaphors included

I love Chef Ramsay.
Have you caught Kitchen Nightmares? How about Hell's Kitchen? I am so excited for the second season. My sis Kelli believes I like him so much because he is not afraid to yell and I want to yell, too. I think she's right. Take me with a grain of salt peeps. Sometimes if you ask me for a recipe or how to make a craft I have made, I will tell you each and every step through which I progress to project perfection. If you veer.... I may correct you. Not because you are doing something wrong, but because you are not doing it my way.
Ohhh...that sounded so bratty!
Guess it's time to disembark from this here HighHorse and take a Chill Pill. Been having some issues with the Entourage not putting the dishes where they are meant to be....
forgive me for venting.

Back to Ramsay.... Check out this fall, how I, Kris, wish I could vent.
All of the 4-letter, colorful metaphors included.
Kitchen Nightmares has been renewed with 10 new episodes and is scheduled to air Thursdays this fall, with a two hour Season Premiere, starting September 4 on Fox.
Let's Dish.

Putting out the Positive Vibes

Putting out the positive vibes...
Right now, I do all the house work
But I desperately want a maid

Right now we dive into a big bathtub
But I would love to have a backyard of cement and water

Right now, I am actually the pool boy, but I know if I was to hire someone,
I would be cursed with him
Even though I would love to have HIM skim my pool.

Right now I roll in the ManVan
But I would love to slide into this.

Right now we watch movies on the boobtube
But I would love to have outdoor flick parties every weekend

Do you have a Greedy Tuesday Wish List?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gap's Gone Home Decor on me....

Now don't go crazy with ideas of Kris having babies.... Freak NO! I am filled up on Mommy love to give, but I thought I'd share this fabulous find at Baby Gap.
Haven't been shopping for awhile.... and while purging my overloaded email, I came across these. Ohhhhh, how I wish they made the brown and pink set in a queen set for Katey's bed... (Yep, my 3 year old has a queen sized bed. And it blows my mind how she can take up the whole thing.)
Happy Baby Room Decorating to all of you out there expecting.

HB Beans!!!!

A day late and a gift short, (ugh) but I want to wish
my sweetie, sweet niecey~who just happens to bear my name,
Ellie Kristine,
a VERY Happy 7th B-day.

Ellie Beans,

So, have any of you had someone named after you? If so, do you feel the pressure ofbeing a good example to the little one who knows you share that special bond? I want Ellie to think I am spectacular... wish me luck!

Friday, July 25, 2008

HB Spooky Lukey!

Happy Birthday, Luke!!!! You are AMAZING!!!! Funny, smart, sweet, thoughtful and you always remember to eat a bowl of "Quick Wits" in the morning to keep me on my toes.
Now, I know you wanted a pet, but I hope you enjoy your robot. We're living realistically, here, buddy. And there's no poop to clean up after this little guy.
6 kisses, 6 hugs, 6 spanks and 1 pinch to grow an inch. love, mom

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jack Sings

Did you know that I am living with a rockstar? Jack wrote a song about summer (remember the "airband"?)

Well, he actually wrote a song (sung initially to the tune of "hey there dahlila") and his uncle andy came up with some new tunage for Jack's words. It's phenominal. (if I do say so myself... mom pride bursting out here)

The reason I am sharing this, you ask? Because Jack goes back to school Tomorrow.... and when his teacher asks, "what did you do this summer?" Jack is going to say, "I wrote a rock song and sung it in front of people...." How cool is that?!?!?!? He performed it with Uncle Andy and his cousins Brigham and Ellie at a coffee shop tonight. (Brig and Ellie helped with the chorus) Jack received the loudest applause.

We made a small recording of the performance and are currently trying to upload it to youtube. I'd love for everyone to revel in my 8 year old's writing ability.... I think he is fabulous. I'll post a link as soon as we get it up and running. xx, kris

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm REALLY nominated?

Practically related and giving me props....ahhhhh Amy. The pressure of being witty and charming is killing me and yet I shook out my hair,rubbed the prescription drug induced sleep from my eyes and smirked just a little for this here nomination
I will try to do you proud by entertaining the guests you are shooting my way
This award has rules:
1. Please put the logo on your blog
.2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. You must nominate 7 fellow bloggers for this award.
4. Add links to the recipients.
5. Leave a comment so the recipients know they have received an award
Here are my nominations.... the envelope please:
Kourtney: My sis, my biz partner and my BFF. She spotlights friends with descriptive recipes, adds flavor with the spice of her super talented hubby; zests up the posts with my crazy nieces and nephew; she is all around Dalicious.
Alyssa: Came across her entirely by accident. But she had me at the way she refers to her hubby as "Mr. Coberly". Isn't that fabulous? Alyssa has a talented side, too.... as she is the proud Etsy owner of the shop JIG. Cutest personalized goodies, ehvah.
Sean My neighbor, friend's hubby and all around good guy. YEP! You read that correctly. A MAN blogger. (I would also nominate Jess, but I thought I'd let you sing her praises, Sean.)
Chrissy : She has a witty, super smart 5 year old from whom many of her posts come from... Ya know, kids say the darndest things.
Nicole: Yet another blog I happened upon. First noticed she lived in MN (even if it is only temporarily) and then noticed that she was asking ever so politely for anyone and everyone to leave her a comment. So I did. And now I have the silliest commenter in the blogosphere visiting my lil' reality. Love you, Nicole!!!!
Joanna: Fan of Saying It Simply and new friend of mine. Check out her post (a few back) about letterboxing. It is a wonderful family adventure idea.
And MINDI: I leave you as my final thought. I know, I know, I KNOW you have been nominated over and over again... but that says something, right? Mindi gives you the low down on some simply insane reality. (and I talk about her like she is my very very BFF! Do your ears burn daily, Mindi?)
There you have it. My nominees for blogging royalty.... You are all winners in my blog book.

triple threat

have you ever been blogging and suddenly
realized your house is much quieter than it should be?
we're talkin' ~crickets~.
this just happened.
my entourage converge as
the "triple threat"
in search of a home where an authority figure is not too poor to PAY attention. (My wallet filled with parenting bucks has been empty as of late.)

As soon as I noticed the lack of chaos, the front door flies open and in walks Luke armed with information. Turns out my buddy, pal and sweet, sweetest sweet neighbor friend Jess has kids at her home already, but she'll give the Entourage a call when the guests leave.
UGH! where is my responsibility?
Dear Jess, I do not send them down.
They escape.
Thank you for always being kind to their invasive behavior.
Love, Kris
I need a fenced yard.

Really soon

My kids start school on Monday. MONDAY?!?!?
They don't ride a bus,
katey sleeps until 11 (um. i like that she sleeps this late- it's for purely selfish reasons)
and Luke refuses to learn how to ride his bike.

I don't have the school supplies purchased yet.
This has TOTALLY taken me by surprise.

Now that Luke will be attending all day,
I am trying to figure out if it's more economically sound
to buy school lunch for 2 kids or send 'em packin'.
This is crazy.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Real Medicine

Yeah. They woke up right after I posted and haven't gone back to sleep since. But I did. Had myself a Dr. visit.

3 prescriptions, a hefty jump in my thyroid dose and days of sleep, I am beginning to feel better. Experienced what I consider to be a near mental breakdown. Nothing a Xanax won't fix... but I am still not functioning in a normal manner yet.

Turns out it's all on account of my no good thyroid..... Not sure what this means, so if any of you nurses or Dr.s out there can explain, many thanks will be in order:
I guess my TSH level is at 37.4 so they are upping my armour thyroid prescription from 120 to 180 mg. Here's the kicker, we can't get any Armour Thyroid in these parts right now. (Don't know the particulars.) So one of the pharmacies I went to gave me 24 30mg pills. That was all they could spare. Only 4 days worth of medicine. sigh.

I've tried Synthroid and it has failed in the past. Does anyone have any suggestions? Luke is getting to used to my new calm persona of "Mommy-on-Meds". If I react coherently to any misbehaving, he's quick to ask, "Have you taken your pill?"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

still sleeping

It's 9 am and my entourage is still snoozing. I am elated.
I have had 2 hours without anyone around.
Too bad I am not also still sleeping.

having a bad day

Do you follow
The Secret?
If you ever find yourself having a bad day,
try this:
Sit down. Close your eyes. AND smile for 1 minute.
I'm tellin' ya, the giggles will begin.
Just try it.
However, trying to keep the laughing in your heart is the hard part. If you are like me in the least, when you are in a bad mood, for some reason we want to stay in the mood and giggling makes it difficult. Eash! I have to do it throughout the day and I start to think I've been sent to TiMeouT. Yep, timeout to smile.

Really Remember

Today would have been my "G"'s birthday.
Last year she received over 100 birthday cards.
Isn't that fabulous?!?!?
She was tickled pink by being remembered.
So, in her honor, who can we make smile
by remembering them today?
Thanks G, for always remembering my special days.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

really entertaining

Last night, we went here

to see this

with all of them (and their respective parents)

So FUN! $6 per adult and $3 per little person(5-11)~ Could have been a double feature with Prince Caspian, if some workin' folks didn't need to arise in the am.

I am thinking of going back with just Wil

Monday, July 7, 2008

my Entourage & Me

My Family 4th

A token post for my kids, nieces and nephews:

Gathered with my fam for a few minutes to
obtain a group shot of the grands
Took a memory maker photo with the grands on
Wil's side of the fam

My entourage in the Centerville Children's Parade




Katey and Maddie

Luke and Jack

Enjoying a refreshing Pace Bar after
the terribly sweltering parade

Katey and Tessa
Ellie "Beans"
Miss Riley and Luke

Wil attacking Jack in a Giggle Maker