Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Freakin' Christimas!`

Whew!  Went to St. George for the Holiday.  All the sibs, the entire fam, (-one Andi) :(

AND... we didn't squabble.  Will miracles never cease?

The entourage is sportin' the Christmas spirit.  Their mom is breathing a sigh of relief at BeLieF continuing...  Their Dad is just sighing.  

Saw me a super friend for a moment of "remember when"  aka....  "isn't it amazing that we can hang after months and still get along?"

Realistically, Fantastic Christmas.   Mr. C dispersed gifts at our abode while we were away...   a surprise that no one expected.  (makes the magic continue to grow...)

Um... Hello~ someone... (clearing of throat here)  snow-blowed our drive while we vacayed.   ~a simple gift that keeps on giving.

Mom (lynnie) got that damned-never-to-be-received Kitchen Aid Mixer she so desperately desired for some 10 odd years... so fun to see her appreciation.

Katey had the barfs all of the 25th.  

Kris is spoiled with boots she really wanted and which people on the streets stop to admire.

Wil is the man who can rock On World Tour with his kids.

The Gag (kiddo's all call my mom Gaggie-not Grandma)  spoils the entire Fam with a Wii and Wii Fit for her humble establishment.  (** The Gag despises the Video Game World~ This is a Christmas miracle.)

Drove past an old boyfriend's house... just 'cuz.

Kissed Wil with a passion that can't be explained.  ( He puts up with soooooooo much.)

The countdown begins to Kris Day.....   Don't forget:  My Birthday is December 31.  I'll be 35.  I know.  Grab your Puffs Plus with Lotion.  Sorry Dad and Mom.  I am getting bigger.  

Friday, December 19, 2008

Where have I been you've wondered.... Well, we're making custom Skoodies.

Have you seen the Skoodie before?

But this is Saying It Simply's take on it. So we do it CUSTOM!!!
This Skoodie boasts being a 3-in-1 purchase! A scarf! A cowl-hoodie! AND: it's reversible!

We have a few made and we're posting them on Etsy.
But if you want one in your favorite color-
email us and we'll chit chat you through the process of getting it your way!
(Oh. We're just like BK!)

We are so proud and excited to being doing these. We've had countless orders from simply wearing ours about.
$25 each.
*** Remember it's reversible and you won't be bulking up under your coats with a silly sweatshirt or messing up your hair with a scarf wrapped tightly around your do!
TTFN! I'm off to sew!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Really Magical

I have a confession. I recently lied.
Oh. Not to any of you. No. No. No. It was just my kids. Sorry if I caused you ANY worry.

I used my forked tongue the night before Utah's last snowfall, and told the Entourage they needed to make paper snowflakes; tape them to a bedroom window and that simple act will make magic snow fall. Surprise, surprise...It worked.

Remember folks, Kris is fanatical about weather updates. I check online constantly...
that's how I won my trip to NY.

Two nights ago, while checking email, I was informed by Sterling Poulson (isn't that a great name?!?) snow would fall and fall hard Saturday morning. I asked my Entourage, already tucked in, if I could just move the snowflakes around.
Give the snow fairy a tease, just to see if it worked.
If you live in the Wasatch Front area, we had quite the dusting, didn't we? It's my fam's fault. Magic paper snowflakes.

Last night, I wanted to make my own snowflake. Channel my inner elf.
No elf appeared. Not for me.
Enter and welcome, Mr. Edward Scissorhands.
I think my single flake could be considered a work of art.

(not my flake, I'm too tired to take a pic. but this one almost competes)
Kate grabbed it; quickly taping it to the front window.
Well, it's Sunday and globs of sky icing are falling to frost the earth.
If you drive by Monday morning and every window at the Hideout (our humble home) is covered from casing to casing in printer paper flakes- know this, we are not trying to weather proof our home inventively. My kids, in actuality, are praying for a Snow Day.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I really do like a good cheese ball

I think I ate half of a ranch cheese ball by myself last night at Angi's SIS Open House.

(Ang, I'll gift you with a treat someday!)

I really should eat BEFORE I go somewhere. Hate being the one sitting at the treat table...

I loved our Open House last night! Felt the love from some super duper women. Angi said when she handed out the invites she told them to come see me (it's been over 3 years and they remembered lil' ol' me! I was terribly flattered.)

Girlies, thanks for coming. I still think of you as neighbors!

Took Kate along and she warmed right up telling everyone her name, age, birth date, what she wants to get me for Christmas and that she can do the splits. This last sharing of a talent is quickly followed with her hiked skirt and slipping on down. TaDa!!!!! I think the funniest thing was when she went up to my fab friend, Briti and told her that she could invite us over to her house for dinner soon. (OK. I coaxed her a bit. But she did do it.)

Boys took off with Wil~ Go Jazz.

Today, I am posting SIS pics to ETSY and polishing the Hideout for anyone who feels like stopping by for a cup of hot chocolate. I love guests.

Happy Freakin' Friday, To All Of You!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

OHHHHHH.... an Open House

TODAY!!!! We'll be in Pleasant Grove. You wanna the details?
I'll send you the address.

But you better hurry! I'm leaving @ 3:30!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reallly fun read..

But... a little scary. Read it before you share it.

Have you met Santa's Twin? First introduced by author Dean Koontz, in his book Mr. Murder, this book is one of my favorite reads.
Love Dean's writing and I always have a little fun bringing a bit of the macabre to this fantastic season. (Gives my entourage incentive to behave for gift receiving. Yep. I am that kind of nurturer.)

Find it. Read it. Tell me what you thought.

Friday, December 5, 2008

these are REALLY a few of my Favorite Things


Free shipping.

The phrase "It's in the mail"

~Site to Store purchase is ready for pickup.~

"Kris, I got you something for Christmas."

Battling over hot items for the kiddos with other deranged, shopping mothers.

Grabbing from unpurchased shopping carts standing alone.

Smiling's my favorite.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I REALLY did a slip of the tongue.

Unfortunately, this is not a dirty, yummy post.

Haven't met My Ty. Yet.

Picture it: WalMart this afternoon and I'm checking out.

Wally World employee: Your total will be $4.93

(interjection by live me here, I KNOW! An under $5 purchase in December! It's crazy!!!!)

Shopping Kris: (In a VERY jester-ish voice and demeanor): Um, nuh-uh brainiac. You must be having a dyslexic day, it's $4.39. (here I smile charmingly.)

World Wally employee: (Kris's Dyslexic Comedic relief free of charge) Actually, I do have dyslexia and it is making my hope for working for the IRS very stressful.

Shopping Kris: (Cheeks heating~ Swallow hard) Well, if there was ever a place we would like an employee's work to be triple checked for accuracy, it would be the IRS. Well, in most cases. So your challenge could be considered an IRS asset.

He didn't tell me to have a nice day.

But... did this REALLY happen? What do you think?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Really Good Friend

Let me borrow her boots for our trip.

Here they are, Jennifer, enjoying the Staten Island Ferry.

Really Bigger than Big

I love to go big.

I want a 10' Christmas tree.

I want to have my New Year's Eve Birthday party this year at the Empire State Building.

You are all invited.

Photo compliments of Wil.

Death by Hanging

.... lights, that is.

Wishing I could take my tangled lights and just throw them up, plug 'em in and call it "Decked Halls" by Kris.
This is a photo from a shop window in NY. I think this was my very, most Fav of all the windows we saw.

Would you think it looked good if my front window was strung and hung in chaos?
I'm tempted.