Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friday, November 9, 2007

A great day for UP!!!

Today is the day!!!! Christmas lights up. Christmas tree up! Spirit's up! Turn the music up and let's get busy. (Now. If only I could wake Joel UP!)

It does seem a bit early in the season to be doing this. My reasoning is legit, though. Our Halloween decor was pushed to the side because I was in high gear to complete orders and prepare for a craft show and Open houses. I am not letting it happen with Christmas. I want my house to twinkle, because I will probably be covered in sawdust and paint.

I hope our festive feelings will carry over to you as you drive by rather than bring a groan. I tinseled early for my kids. I want this season to be full of magic. I will be busy with the biz. Christmas orders are coming in each day. And I don't want to be asked on December 23rd, "Can we put up the tree today?" If I don't haul out the holly right now, it will happen. I know me.