Monday, March 30, 2009

I have a Real problem.

Really? I did it again? While talking with an employee at WalMart... I notice that he won't stay focused on our convo.
Me: dude. Is there someone more interesting you would like to help?
Dude: No Mam (ohhhhhhhh, i hate that.) I'm listening.
Me: Then why do you keep looking over there? (point to the left)
Dude: I'm sorry. I can't see out of that eye.

I am not allowed out of the house.

You can go here and here for verifying examples this is turning into an everyday occurrence

It's Real Bold And Really INTENSE

Found us a new giveaway... but you have to be bold to enter. Are you BOLD?
Clickity here...

thank me later.
(well, for finding it and being BOLD enough to share.)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I REALLY Want

I have started coughing. Dang.
Mom~ I'm, sniff sniff whimper, NOT coming down yet.
Let me assess the situation. I REALLY wanted the sunshine. Really.

Oh. My kids are going to be terribly upset.
I need my Grandma.
She used to sprinkle baby powder on my legs to stop
growing pains.
Oh yah. It totally worked.
I need my Mom.
She rubbed Vicks on my chest to relieve
the coughs and sniffles
Ingenius, cuz it worked, too.

I used to pick these out as a treat at the store.
And I recall sneaking into the medicine cabinet
for a small orange flavored goody once or twice.
Now my meds are yucky.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

really now, where's the sun?

Snow. Clouds. Cold. Wet. Ice. Shovels.

I just want to plant a flower and sit in the sun.
Dirt under my nails. Stains on my knees.
Kids outside.
That's all.

Monday, March 23, 2009

really early, but prepared

My niece lost her first tooth yesterday and she wanted a "Tooth Pocket"...
I made one for each of my boys when they lost their first teeth.

I was able to whip it out and make the delivery right before she put her head to rest...

When I got home, I decided I would not be caught off guard for the next teeth to fall,
so I made Kate's and Reese's this morning....

It's REALLY EARLY, no wiggling going on, but I am prepared.

What Really Counts...

I have 5 followers. I just added the sign up sheet at the bottom of this here blog thing of mine...

Angi ~ a for REALS friend of mine
Mindi ~ a for REALS friend of my sister's sister-in-law
Suz~ a for REALS contact through a girl I met blogging who actually went to my high school
Libs~ my sis' for REALS bff
Chrissy- my hub's bud's wife who is my for REALS friend.

You are on my list of what really counts.... The quality of your guests, not the quantity.

However, even though I lower my daily bar, I am never really satisfied... Sign up, folks!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

realistic religion

I have not been a strong link in the chain of religion.
In fact, I have not been to church (untill today) for months and months.

Wil works.

I'm lazy.

I'm selfish.

Kids disinterested.

Not a priority. I know that sounds REALLY bad. But it's the truth.

Well last Sunday, Kate decides we're going. Church starts @9am. It was 8:45 when her mind is made up... don't know where the religious bug was picked up... Possibly the cart at the grocery store... who knows how many hands have been on it before you... but she is adamant regarding her salvation and that of her brother's, her dad's and mine. I think that she's probably right and decide we can skip the first hour ~executive decision~ there was NO WAY I could get them all ready in 15 mins!

It turned out the boys have been growing an awful lot. Each pair of pants was either too snug or much to short to be considered. I told Katey we couldn't go and her tears runneth-ed over. We are talking Flood ~ also a good description for the boys pants.

Grabbing the Puffs Plus, I spew promises of Church attendance to this Missionary of 4 1/2 for the following week. She told me I won't remember so we better make a countdown chain.

Countdown Chain?

Yep. Just like the one we made for Christmas. Only this chain had 8 links on which we wrote the days of the week along with the remaining # of days to SUNDAY... dun dun duuuuuunnnnnnn.

Dear Friends , paper countdown chains work.
They can even get you to a realistic religious experience.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Really Old Indications

My mom asked how are new cat is adjusting to this home of ours...
She asked where Manfred was
She then said, He'll probably be put to sleep.
My response, He was unhappy, toothless and old.
She (mom) asks, Will you have me put to sleep when I'm Old?

My answer:
If you get start hiding behind the dryer to avoid a child's reach...
If you run away when someone walks past you...
If you wander the house and cry all night...
If you start hating children...
If you sneeze and your hair falls out...
If you stick out your tongue because there are no longer teeth to hold it in...
then YES.
Someone, keep on eye on Lynnie and let me know if she begins showing signs of OLD.
She may be ready to take a "Nap".
Love ya, Mom!

Really Superstitious

Fu- Looking to other countries for good fortune

Ok... if you think it will work

Inhumane, but I'd try it....

Lucky Duck....

right side up....

I'm looking over a four leaf clover, that I've overlooked before...

Lucky Me to Know You.
xo, kris

Friday, March 13, 2009

really celebrating.

HB little old bro.....
Friday the 13th and you turn 30...
sad to be you.
I oiled up your wheelchair ~ it's ready to roll.

realistic incentive

Been thinkin. (It gets me trouble, but I did it anyway)

I'm going to bribe you.

Post about the contest I've entered, FB, Blogger, My Space....come back and tell me you did, and you will be entered into a drawing IF I win the trip to NYC. (Stipulations suck, but I can't provide fantastic fluff if I don't go...)

What you will win:

A SIGNED print of my creation. :) (Fame is going to my head!)
Random items and memorabilia from my trip to NYC~samples from everwhere I go.
Authentic street vendor ware purchased by me for YOU from corners in the Big Apple.
And I'll throw in more once I am announced the Big WEINER!!!!

Add this pic to your posting and here's the Linkity you'll need...
Let's get my votes rolling in. I have no shame. I'm begging here.

**You need not be my friend or acquaintance to enter... just live in my landlocked Country...

New York, Really. I took the pics.

Vote Please...

I am in a contest....

I had to be creative.

I had to set a mood.

Here's a copy of the email I sent to Mom... Fishing for Maternal pride and recognition.... You know me.

Hi MOM!!!!
Check out what I made (I think you'll hang it on the fridge)
I used pictures we took in NYC~layered them together~ titled it
MY NYC ABC's ~ entered a contest to win a trip BACK to NYC, so I can:

Hang with a flamboyant designer for a day (an unrealized dream of mine)
Win a new cell phone (mine is broken~can't tell who's callin')
Walk the streets of the big apple in the summertime...
(i love walking; I love apples; I love summertime~ overall it's an ideal situation to be in!)

Do you like it? You need to look close... it's kinda like Where's Waldo. The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, fruit from a street vendor, Grand Central Station and the damaged sculpture from the Trade Center are layered in the overall pic. (plus some horse's and copper's patooties)
I don't think I did half bad for an uneducated house-mom.
xx, k

Now friends clickity on the picity up above and you will be redirected where you can vote for ME!!!!!
Now friends clickity on the picity up above and you will be redirected where you can vote for ME!!!!!
Oh was that redundant?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Real Advice

good idea: Whiten white unders w/ bleach
bad idea: Whitening white of eye w/ bleach
even if it was with a splash... just a splash.

Clarifying: Spin cycle on the washer spooked the 3 toothed cat. He bolted like a CAT out of hell, knocked into the bleach bottle~ it fell from the shelf to the floor, burst open.
Result: VERY clean laundry room floor. House smells like a pool - a touch of summer in March for free. New tie dyed job on Hoodie and back of jeans. One eye burned, red and, I think it's safe to say, clean.

Fur Real

We're getting a new mouser on Sat.

This is Stolli.
He has teeth!
And he is only 2 years old.
(He won't need a walker!)

Let's all say Adieu to
(We did not name him. I wanted to call him 'Dentures')
He was a Foster Feline and a terrible pain.
High maintenance and high strung.

Really Colorful

Artiste Extraordinaire.... Miss Kate.

She wanted this posted.
Feels fantastically famous if it's on the "puter"
Not bad for a 4 year old. She definitely colors better than her older brothers!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Really low Goals.

Lowered Bar Achievements:

I showered.
I am dressed to my shoes.
Teeth brushed.
All 3 kids at school.
Geriatric feline is out from behind the dryer. *He's on a shelf.
(Never contemplated decorating with live decor. It works.)

Today is turning out to be pretty fantastic.
I make attainable goals and
them off one by one.
How's your progress going?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Really? Dogs? me?

Oh crap. I want a yorkie. Wil is freaking out on me.
No Dogs.
I emailed a lady.

I hope she writes back soon.

A cat yesterday. (with only 3 teeth and practically on it's death bed.) 2 puppies today.

Tammy, I'm catching up! We'll be charging admission to our petting zoo.

Only 3 teeth? Really?

I'm a foster parent. We were going to do the full out adoption but thought it best to do a trial run before we add a permanent addition to the fam.

I am a cat person. This is my fav of fav's in the kitty colony.

A Russian Blue.

My first Russian Blue was adopted in Arizona. His name was Rasputin, (I know. I am so clever!) He was part of our fam for 6 years.... got sick 2 weeks before Luke was born and passed away.

Wil decided it was time to get me a new one. (Petting a cat is terribly therapeutic for my anxious behavior.)
While searching the web and local shelters, we came across Manfred. ~ Terrible name, but that can be changed. They told me they didn't have all of his particulars in the computer, but thought he was just over a year old. He can be adopted for $50. Perfect.

This is where I lower my proverbial bar...

He is 9 years old. 9!!!!
And he has 3 teeth. 3?!?!?!? Only 3?!?!?!
AND, because of his age, (probably won't be with us for long...) I can adopt him for $25. Ummmmm, we'll foster. It's FREE.
Let's see how he meshes with the fam... he's hiding behind the dryer. He will come out but ONLY for me. Does not want to play with the Entourage... he's sweet but terribly skittish.
Kids want to play; He can't chew food.
Looks like I'm running the Beehive Home for felines.
Hansen's Hospice for Geriatric Critters.