Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Slick Mind of a Pirate

Our HIDEOUT is housing a known and wanted pirate.

So, the other day Jack was playing the online game "Pirates of the Caribbean". If you aren't familiar with the game, I'll lay out the basics as I understand them. You style your pirate, name your pirate, do pirate things, find treasure, play poker and black jack (which it turns out, Jack is very good at) and I guess, hang out with Jack Sparrow.

When I checked on Jack (aka. Pirate Tom) after his first 10 minutes, he had $$$ in his purse, a vessel to sail and an appropriate swagger in his gate. Ten minutes later I hear a yell from him, "They're after me!" .

"What's going on?" I asked.

Here is the tale I received:

Jack says, "Well, I tried to battle a ship bigger than mine and I sank. So I got put in jail. When I got out, I went down to the docks where another player was hiring a crew. (someone on-line; I pictured my 29 year old brother as this player-he is a serious gamer) I joined his crew so I could sail to the island where I play blackjack to win some $$$ to buy another boat. (ok.. should it worry me that my 3rd grader is off to play blackjack?)

When we docked, we all got off the boat. Everyone playing left, even the captain. I was going to follow them, but instead I went up to another player (this time I pictured my hubby) and said to him, 'Ya wanna buy a boat?' "

"You sold the other players ship?!?" I sputtered out. Stiffling giggles as I spoke.

Jack said, "Yep. And I bought a new ship with the $$$. I yelled because I think the captain knows what I did and he sent the law after me." At this point in his story, they catch up to him and sink his new ship.

Ahhhh... let this be a warning, beware all you hard core players out there. Your game could be destroyed in mere moments by an 8 year old and his brilliant mind!

I have always known Jack is a smart cookie, I just didn't know he was so crafty. How terrible is it that this trait gives me a sense of pride? I think I must have a little pirate in me, too. Touche'!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kate and Reese participate in a playgroup once a week. Today's focus is "What do you want to be when you grow up?" They are supposed to dress the part. Katey chose to be a BAKER-MOM. Don't you just love the apron? Thanks, Gaggie...(that's what our kids call our mom, instead of Grandma) for the perfect accessory And then told me she would make lunch. She and Luke chose chips and salsa. Not so heart-healthy in the HIDEOUT today.... it's all about convenience.

Reese wants to be a all starts with Crayola! You color my world, Roo.

Pink p.j.'s

While ticking off the items to accomplish for a smooth HIDEOUT morn, the Recruiter asked for a liquid to wet her whistle. She then grabbed her throat and dramatically, scratched out, "I can't talk". Hmmm... my presidential brain kicked into gear and for a moment in time I had thoughts of a blissfully, silent day... Back to reality. Shook out the chirping crickets in my mind (goodbye, little friends) and poured the cup of juice. "Thank you, Mommy. I had to ask you a question...." And so it begins.

But this isn't a downer. Actually, while commencing our chit-chat, I took a good look at our TOKEN girl. Head to toe in pink footed p.j.'s. The thought came over me that this might be the last time I see her or any of my entourage, for that matter, in Jammies with feet. You see, the weather is warming and I just can't see her wanting these next year. She's my very own "Pink Nightmare" (from the movie 'A Christmas Story'). I had to take a picture. Here she is, my mini-me. My shadow. My baby...

Ok. revelry over. She's telling me (deep moan on her part, very breathy) " back. It hurts. I can't move."

"Katey. You still need to pick up your shoes."

"Fine. It doesn't really hurt anyway."

(Deep sigh... on my part) So tell me, how was YOUR morning?
Edit to post... Turns out Reese wore her pink pj's last night, too... Gave Katey a call this am to tell her she likes her choice in nighttime dress and sent us a picture to prove it!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


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Friday, February 22, 2008

Secret Secrets of the HIDEOUT

I hate being “IT”. I have been tagged. Does anyone really want to know any of this?


What is his name? Joel. (but I wish I could call him an off the wall nickname like Wil.)

How long have you been together? Married 13 and a half years

How long did you date? 3 months to engagement…7 months later double-knotted. ----but we met when I was 16 and he was 17~a Spring Break Fling (Our first kiss is pictured. We're talkin' VERY FIRST KISS!)

Who eats more? Sweet- me/Salty–Wil (thought I’d try it out)

Who said I love you first? I can’t even remember. I probably told him that HE loves ME.

Who is taller? The Financier can change the light bulbs

Who is smarter? I am ~ we took an IQ test a couple years back and I cling to that score!

Who does the laundry? I sort, wash, dry & fold… but I HATE to put it away.

Who does the dishes? Lately, it’s been a joint effort. I love a clean sink in the morn and he loves a happy me!

Who sleeps on the right? I like to be farthest from the door. I am not a sympathetic mom when the sun goes down. I know the sun will be up again far sooner than I’d like.

Who pays the bills? I stress when it comes to the coinage.

Who mows the lawn? We’ll see… We put grass in this past fall.

Who cooks dinner? Depends on the day… if the day was crazy…Joel; if I need him to fix something, me.

Who drives when you are together? He does. I need new glasses and he knows it.

Who is more stubborn? Ohhhhh …. That’s easy. Me.

Who kissed who first? I’m sure I did. I am aggressive.

Who asked who out first? Wil asked me, but I eagerly said yes.

Who proposed? He did. I was a brat that night. Can’t believe he actually went through with it.

Who has more siblings? I am the most mature (ok. Oldest) of 4 and he is the big baby (youngest) of 3.

Who wears the pants? He does. I can’t find where he puts them after they are clean!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jazzy Club

Our Commissioner of Entertainment is treating us to a basketball game this evening. We're always delighted to find ourselves hooting and hollering for our team... we especially love a game where our team only scores points for OUR team. (There has been confusion after half-time in weeks past)
Afterwards, we are planning a washdown in the HIDEOUT. It's beginning to smell a bit ripe in here. Like we've let our banana's go past their prime.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rise and SHINE

The president is not a morning person. Wish we could use the Financier in Housekeeping and Daycare once a week. The Pres is a morning whiner and gives herself a headache. The Club Clown attempts some light humor to liven up the HIDEOUT, but the Factuary squashes the attempt by stating "She won't giggle untill she has a moment to herself." Facts in order as always.

The recruiter is up. She has already started in on the new members we should allow to join. This president knows her limits though...Our HIDEOUT cannot house anymore. The VOICE informs her that guests can be invited over later. Thank Heaven relations live nearby and they bring babies of their own.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our clubhouse


First photo taken of club members since the most recent member, Kate, joined. We're talkin' 3 and a half years!!!

Starting from left:

Club Clown and Peacemaker: Jack.
Club King, Financier and Groundskeeper: Joel
Club (token) Girl, Marketing Director and Recruiter: Katey
Club maniacal President and Voice: Kris
Club Historian and "Factuary": Luke
It's time for an update. Cabin fever is burning the President and Spring Fever is festering in the overloaded closets in the HIDEOUT. The financial backer is tightening the purse strings as he prepares for an overhaul on the property. Updates daily on club members and accomplishments.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

They love the snow

The snowfall has been phenomenal this year. Any of you who know me, know I claim to be allergic to snow. I dispise being cold. I love sun. I love swimming. I love suntans and I even enjoy the sting of a sunburn. My hair no longer grows blonde and the winter brings out my true color. UGH! I enjoy frequent trips to the salon to bring out my wanted highlights. It's a necessity this time of the year.

My kids on the other hand LOVE the icy chill, the zip on a sled and the unstable thrill of their snowboards. During summer, I have to lock the door to our house so they can't get back inside. During the winter months....THEY WANT TO GO OUTSIDE!!! Woe is me as a responsible mother. Not wanting to participate in cold events. Unable to send the youngsters out on their own. sigh.

See their happy faces. It's the only thing that can warm me from my frostbitten nose to my unmoving toes. In my eyes, Punxsutawney Phil is a stupid groundhog and to J, L & K~a super hero. 4 more weeks to go...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

something sweet

You must check out this blog for a super sweet giveaway!!!
HappyValentine's Day!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

We weren't having any fun before!

what did we do before kelli arrived?


day is a special day now!

thanks for coming home.... our lives are a whole lot brighter!

...kell & kate zipping along

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I keep learning-even though he is the one in Kindergarten

I practiced being a super parent this week by attending Parent-Teacher-Student conferences on Tuesday. I passed because he's doing great. That's what his teacher said.....
"Luke is a great student".

He blows my mind with the questions he asks. My favorite pondering thought he's proposed to me is,

is the SiLVeR rule
to follow
the GoLDeN rule?"

Have any of you ever thought about the silver rule?

Gosh, he is a blessing. Lucky me to be his mom. I wish you all could share a CHeeK To CHeeK with my Spookey Lukey. It makes my day lovely.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Messing around

Very messy this business of ours.
"Saying It Simply" is becoming superbly complicated.


I should post pics of the process messy messy messy-But when all is said and done~
I thinks we done good! I love this. I love seeing things we've made in other homes. It is a bit surreal, though.
Well, I'm off to the wood shop- my belt sander needs some oil.