Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm It.

Oh Tanja. I don't think you really want to know more.
(especially the things peeps don't know!)
It's dark in my closets.

1-I am VERY good at lying.

2-I dream of being organized. REALLY Organized. I bought a label maker, but forgot to label a place for it. Now it's lost.

3-As soon as $$$ gets tight, I want to spend spend spend. So, if you ever see me shopping, you'll know a major expense in my day to day life has occurred.

4-I don't consider Wil my soul mate. Soul Mates are destiny. Destiny comes and causes an effect~ Wil is my heart. Without it, I would cease to be.

5-I am a homebody. Love to get out every now and again, but I would rather be home not spending $$$~ just sitting in my chaos trying to get a grasp at where I should begin.

6-While growing up, I always had 2 boyfriends, just in case. Sorry boys. (except for Travis. He was the one I stayed true to. But then Wil came home from his mission first.... I married him because as soon as he was around me, my equillibrium got all skewed and I felt dizzy. I actually like feeling dizzy. Sometimes I just twirl to clear my head.)

7-I want everyone to think I'm funny. But you have to pay attention~ I'm quick and sometimes my humor can be deep. VERY deep.

If you knew all of things already, we must be very good friends. If not, you should call more often. I am almost always home.

I tag:

Someone DALICOUS~Kourtney Elise
A Mom of SONS- Jennifer
My Male MUSE- That's you, Sean


Harlene said...

We should really get together and talk about how organized we'd like to be. I am really good at starting new systems around here. Then I typically forget about the new routine.

Thanks for thinking of me.

qponqwn said...

I also have a collection of organizing tools-especially office supplies/organizeers, I can't say no. I still get flylady emails (I haven't opened forever) I own books and even took a 7 week course. Needless to say I am renting a storage unit to store 1/2 my crap so we can show the house. I blame my mother-the hoarder and appease myself with the fact that I'm not THAT bad! Glad you had a good show down south!

CoLiE-O said...

i think you are super funny...but horrible about getting back to me on the open house. i'll get to the tag tomorrow- gotta go to bed- getting up at 3. vomit.