Monday, March 30, 2009

I have a Real problem.

Really? I did it again? While talking with an employee at WalMart... I notice that he won't stay focused on our convo.
Me: dude. Is there someone more interesting you would like to help?
Dude: No Mam (ohhhhhhhh, i hate that.) I'm listening.
Me: Then why do you keep looking over there? (point to the left)
Dude: I'm sorry. I can't see out of that eye.

I am not allowed out of the house.

You can go here and here for verifying examples this is turning into an everyday occurrence


Unknown said...

Kris, Kris, Kris...I really think you should rethink talking to the employees at the establishments you visit. Just an idea.

Amy said...

You seriously CRACK me up! Sometimes modern technology would come in handy with life- REWIND.

kourtney said...

Leave those poor Walmart workers alone! Who are you going to target next? DI workers?

Jennifer Gravley said...

I would of loved to be there you big NERD!

Suz said...

I am totally with you on this one. One time I told a guy, that I had never met, that it was probably b/c of his goofy haircut that he was still single. I wasn't saying it to be rude. It just kind of came out. Sadly though, this is only one example of MAAAANY, many, many times that I've said stuff like this. My friends/family say it keeps things interesting though and they're right. B/c really? What else would we blog about?