Friday, January 23, 2009

Really, A missed Opportunity

He misspelled Opportunity...
Living in Utah we say it opperrrrrtunity.
He put in the "E". Dang.
That was (and I am not speaking from a Mother's love only here)
the only word that kept giving him trouble. Ugh!

Jack does not live realistically.
I am sure he thought he'd win a trip to Disneyland or NYC
when he swept the floor with his fellow 4th graders.

Ahhhh.... bittersweet. He'll live another day to spell... He has asked me to purchase a large dictionary on which he may highlight the words he memorizes.
Next year we'll change his name to Webster.
i am just so darn proud of him.
i hate speaking in public for fear of a faux pas.
Jack. He fears nothing.

1 comment:

Christina said...

Way to go JACK! Never fear ANYTHING! well except for spiders like your uncle nate :) He doesn't know I put that in here :) shh don't tell him