Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Really Buried

Been suffering from Many headaches as of late...
I believe it is due to my mind being cluttered with the clutter in my life...

I want to walk through a room. Not over the junk.
I have successfully purged the boys room and Kate's room. Took two full days, but the kids have found that they like playing in there spaces now. Fabulous.

I just can't get motivated to be part of SIS. We are still actively creating and filling orders. But updating and sending out "You Whooooo's" to those who want to be in the know regarding our new Needfuls and Wants has been more of a chore than an exciting activity for me. Bare with me, we'll get back to the saws, drills, sanders and stitches soon.

I found myself tuning out my entourage. Anger would swell as they wanted to share with me a new race track or a high score~ since I was buried in Christmas baubles to be packed. I couldn't be bothered with their fun. They hadn't unloaded the dishwasher or put away the pile of clothes I had sorted, washed, dried and folded... Trying to make time thrilling in their creations, so they will in turn thrill at a clean and empty sink for me.

How easy it has been to put Mr.#1 on the back burner... When he would come home from work and ask if I'd thought about something for dinner irked and burned. I'm presently fixing that prob by making something (anything) for chow time. Now I can ask him to check off his Honey-Do's without feeling bad.

Ugh. Too much to list. But I'll just say this: Purge. My word for 2009. It's not a pretty word. It's definitely not material for a new Saying It Simply creation.... But it is my theme. Wish me luck.

So, if you still check up on me and would like me to still check up on you... Simply leave a comment here and I'll add you to my list of favorites. xx, k


Unknown said...

Kris! I'm so happy you are alive! I've been worried about you...

Jess said...

so sorry about the headaches. I totally feel your pain. I am sad that I haven't seen you in FOREVER! I am totally bringing you dinner. I'll figure out a day and call you. I'm not kidding either!
I love the theme! I am doing the same and it feels so good. Nothing is makin' the move unless it is completely necessary.

Please call me if I can help. Really.

Harlene said...

I'm in over my head ready to hurl, I mean purge too!

Miss you and still owe you an iceberg shake, although I'd settle for a steamer in this cold!

Jennifer Gravley said...

You're so funny! Kids back in school, can't beat that though. Let me know if I can help.

qponqwn said...

Love the new theme purge is actually a nice word-cuts through the crap and right to the point. We can all do this one! What you need is another weekend in St George-out of all this crap in the air and find some sunshine!

Christina said...

love ya Kris, keep your head up it'll get better, love all my boys and me

JoAnna said...

I never shouted out that I love to follow you! I've missed but I totally get it. However... not quite to your extent. I don't know how you do it all! i wish I could come help you paint!! I love to paint!

Knowlton Mom said...

I hear ya sister! Take it easy on yourself and it'll get done with patient diligence.
Love you!