Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Freakin' Christimas!`

Whew!  Went to St. George for the Holiday.  All the sibs, the entire fam, (-one Andi) :(

AND... we didn't squabble.  Will miracles never cease?

The entourage is sportin' the Christmas spirit.  Their mom is breathing a sigh of relief at BeLieF continuing...  Their Dad is just sighing.  

Saw me a super friend for a moment of "remember when"  aka....  "isn't it amazing that we can hang after months and still get along?"

Realistically, Fantastic Christmas.   Mr. C dispersed gifts at our abode while we were away...   a surprise that no one expected.  (makes the magic continue to grow...)

Um... Hello~ someone... (clearing of throat here)  snow-blowed our drive while we vacayed.   ~a simple gift that keeps on giving.

Mom (lynnie) got that damned-never-to-be-received Kitchen Aid Mixer she so desperately desired for some 10 odd years... so fun to see her appreciation.

Katey had the barfs all of the 25th.  

Kris is spoiled with boots she really wanted and which people on the streets stop to admire.

Wil is the man who can rock On World Tour with his kids.

The Gag (kiddo's all call my mom Gaggie-not Grandma)  spoils the entire Fam with a Wii and Wii Fit for her humble establishment.  (** The Gag despises the Video Game World~ This is a Christmas miracle.)

Drove past an old boyfriend's house... just 'cuz.

Kissed Wil with a passion that can't be explained.  ( He puts up with soooooooo much.)

The countdown begins to Kris Day.....   Don't forget:  My Birthday is December 31.  I'll be 35.  I know.  Grab your Puffs Plus with Lotion.  Sorry Dad and Mom.  I am getting bigger.  


Jess said...

You seriously crack me up! I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip.

Hooray for the Wii.. we have rock band now too.. you wanna come play with us??

Love ya!

Danielle Christiansen said...

Happy late birthday. Hope this year is a great one for you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! I am actually hoarse from my "world tour". Glad you had a good Christmas break!