Friday, December 12, 2008

I really do like a good cheese ball

I think I ate half of a ranch cheese ball by myself last night at Angi's SIS Open House.

(Ang, I'll gift you with a treat someday!)

I really should eat BEFORE I go somewhere. Hate being the one sitting at the treat table...

I loved our Open House last night! Felt the love from some super duper women. Angi said when she handed out the invites she told them to come see me (it's been over 3 years and they remembered lil' ol' me! I was terribly flattered.)

Girlies, thanks for coming. I still think of you as neighbors!

Took Kate along and she warmed right up telling everyone her name, age, birth date, what she wants to get me for Christmas and that she can do the splits. This last sharing of a talent is quickly followed with her hiked skirt and slipping on down. TaDa!!!!! I think the funniest thing was when she went up to my fab friend, Briti and told her that she could invite us over to her house for dinner soon. (OK. I coaxed her a bit. But she did do it.)

Boys took off with Wil~ Go Jazz.

Today, I am posting SIS pics to ETSY and polishing the Hideout for anyone who feels like stopping by for a cup of hot chocolate. I love guests.

Happy Freakin' Friday, To All Of You!

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Christina said...

i'll come if i can leave my kids here