Thursday, December 4, 2008

I REALLY did a slip of the tongue.

Unfortunately, this is not a dirty, yummy post.

Haven't met My Ty. Yet.

Picture it: WalMart this afternoon and I'm checking out.

Wally World employee: Your total will be $4.93

(interjection by live me here, I KNOW! An under $5 purchase in December! It's crazy!!!!)

Shopping Kris: (In a VERY jester-ish voice and demeanor): Um, nuh-uh brainiac. You must be having a dyslexic day, it's $4.39. (here I smile charmingly.)

World Wally employee: (Kris's Dyslexic Comedic relief free of charge) Actually, I do have dyslexia and it is making my hope for working for the IRS very stressful.

Shopping Kris: (Cheeks heating~ Swallow hard) Well, if there was ever a place we would like an employee's work to be triple checked for accuracy, it would be the IRS. Well, in most cases. So your challenge could be considered an IRS asset.

He didn't tell me to have a nice day.

But... did this REALLY happen? What do you think?


JoAnna said...

Totally don't even believe you!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, can you imagine if I went and asked him the same thing???

kourtney said...

I heard they are making a poster of you, letting every Walmart employee be on the look out. She's mean and handicaps merit no special courtesy. Oh Kris...what am I going to do with you. I'll have to go with you from now on and clean up the mess.

Maria said...

I believe it! :)