Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Real, Really Real


Housework Is Dangerous

Do not attempt to grab laundry through stair banister to avoid walking 5 mores steps.
If it is necessary to do previous step, DO NOT pull a blanket through the banisters.
Outcome could be colorful.
For instance,
The banister could pop loose and in full force, whack you on the left eyebrow.
Medical attention not required IF you only end up with a goose nugget
*(not big enough to be considered an egg)
and a Real, Really Real black eye.

It's true, Whiners do get Shiners.
*No editing on this photo.


kristi lee said...

that's hilarious!

kourtney said...

Did you go to a Mary Kay party and had to leave early? Didn't show any signs of color yesterday...amazing.

Jess said...

Oh kris.. that is a good color on you. :( j/k- I'm so sorry! I'll remember that next time I do laundry. Maybe I will tell Sean it is just too dangerous and not to it anymore!


Jennifer Gravley said...

Are you kidding me??? I have some purple eye shadow you may borrow for the other eye to match. Nice one kid. OUCH!!

JoAnna said...

Holy crap! That is so bad!!!! And I bet it hurt even worse! So sorry!

Kristen said...

How did you really get it? That story is crazy...and the black eye...ouch!