Friday, April 24, 2009

Really? 11 days

Oh my.
Really? 11 days remain to campaign and gain (votes)

But I need your help!
Take this link

Take this pic

Tell your online friends and fam it only takes 2 seconds to vote
come back here and tell me you did it
Then I will enter you in a drawing to win fabulous prizes from NYC
*if I win the contest, that is

Thanks for ALL your help, amigos.
xx, kris

FYI:I am still in 1st out of about 3000 entries. To be considered for the big prize I need to remain within the top 20.


Unknown said...

I picked you up a few more votes with the emails I sent out last night....

Amy said...

Hey Kris!

I voted for you, and even put a link on my blog for it. I think that spells overachiever for me:) I definitely should be entered in the drawing;) I hope you WIN!

The Hartungs said...

i emailed a couple 10 people last night!

Amy Rast said...

I'm glad to see you are still in the lead. You are going to win, I just know it.