Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All of the 4-letter colorful Metaphors included

I love Chef Ramsay.
Have you caught Kitchen Nightmares? How about Hell's Kitchen? I am so excited for the second season. My sis Kelli believes I like him so much because he is not afraid to yell and I want to yell, too. I think she's right. Take me with a grain of salt peeps. Sometimes if you ask me for a recipe or how to make a craft I have made, I will tell you each and every step through which I progress to project perfection. If you veer.... I may correct you. Not because you are doing something wrong, but because you are not doing it my way.
Ohhh...that sounded so bratty!
Guess it's time to disembark from this here HighHorse and take a Chill Pill. Been having some issues with the Entourage not putting the dishes where they are meant to be....
forgive me for venting.

Back to Ramsay.... Check out this fall, how I, Kris, wish I could vent.
All of the 4-letter, colorful metaphors included.
Kitchen Nightmares has been renewed with 10 new episodes and is scheduled to air Thursdays this fall, with a two hour Season Premiere, starting September 4 on Fox.
Let's Dish.

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JoAnna said...

Seriously! I just love the way you think and express yourself! So clever and real!!