Wednesday, July 16, 2008

triple threat

have you ever been blogging and suddenly
realized your house is much quieter than it should be?
we're talkin' ~crickets~.
this just happened.
my entourage converge as
the "triple threat"
in search of a home where an authority figure is not too poor to PAY attention. (My wallet filled with parenting bucks has been empty as of late.)

As soon as I noticed the lack of chaos, the front door flies open and in walks Luke armed with information. Turns out my buddy, pal and sweet, sweetest sweet neighbor friend Jess has kids at her home already, but she'll give the Entourage a call when the guests leave.
UGH! where is my responsibility?
Dear Jess, I do not send them down.
They escape.
Thank you for always being kind to their invasive behavior.
Love, Kris
I need a fenced yard.


kourtney said...

Not just a fenced yard, but locks on it!

Jess said...

I am beyond flattered that they come to my house. I love to see them, and I don't just say that. Yes, I had 6 kids at my house 5 and under. It made for a mad house. I winked and asked Jack if I could come with him-- he laughed.

My kids are having quiet time so I can get things put back in order and take some deep breaths and then I will ABSOLUTELY call.

They are welcome anytime!

Libbi said...

That is really funny. We need to have a play day before too long. I will help pay attention.