Friday, May 2, 2008


So does anyone else ever do something without thinking? I mean, make a BIG decision without weighing the pros and cons? Wil is on a biz trip to San Fran and is returning this evening to see that his adorable, spontaneous, talks faster than common sense, (did I mention adorable?) wife and favorite person in the whole world has purchased 2000 square feet of sod that is already cut.

It was a very good deal. But now I need a truck to bring it over to my house (it's less than a mile away) and I need someone to come level my backyard. Does anyone have connections to who or what I might need to get this done in my neck of the woods? (Hee hee)
Surprise, Wil!!! Remember how much you love me? I love you so much, I went ahead and took care of Mother's Day for you!!!!


kourtney said...

I think you should just adopt your part of the street (right in front of your street). How convenient. I can't wait to see the ox, grader, and the supervisor.

bevany said...

Call Vance! You know he loves stuff like that.

Haley said...

my hubby would FREAK out!!!!!

we do need new grass though!!!!

i'm no help to you!!!

Jess said...

Okay, what is the verdict? What did Wil say? I hope he jumped up and down (in a good way).

Seriously, once you get the other stuff sorted out, we are so there to lay that yummy green stuff.

april hickman said...

what in the heck are you changing your blog address for? You know how hard this already is for me. You are killing me. I think that you made the right choice with the grass. If you don't get it for yourself, it will never happen.

Danielle Christiansen said...

Hey thanks for emailing me your new link. I'll post it on my blog.
I can not believe you did that! My husband would freak out that I made such a huge decision without him. Even though it was a great one :). I like the little post at the end about mothers day. nice touch!

Danielle Christiansen said...

I had to add I love- Only you by Yaz I totally listened to them in High School