Thursday, May 1, 2008

1-Easy to ask for SOD AND SPRINKLERS for my Oh so natural desert landscaping in the backyard. ( This is what WE are getting for Mother's Day.) So, instead of feeling jipped, I am adding it to my list of the things I most desire... BONUS- kids play outside. House stays semi-clean.
2- A pedi. Time for a pedi. BONUS- this would benefit anyone around when I decide to don the summer footwear. See? I am not selfish in my wishes. I always try to think of mankind and how to be kind to my fellow man.
3-A hut on an island. Of course this would be mere feet from the hotel. Simply a new HiDeouT away from the HIDEOUT. My very own vacay clubhouse.
3a-OK. The same idea as #3, but I'll take the kids. Sandcastles, tide pools, sandy buns and a gritty picnic. Bonus: Celebrating being a Mom in a relaxing environment with my entourage.
4- Um Hello. A one seater! I'll give Wil the manvan to tote the fam and I'll meet them at a predetermined locale in pink and pretty style. Bonus: I didn't tell anyone to "SHHHHhhhhh" for any amount of time.

OR if all else fails, 5-I could REALLY go for a My TY.


Saying It Simply said...

May all of your dreams come true. I thought you were doing xerascape in your yard. Your not? I'll ride in the side car, goggles, scarf and all.

bevany said...

Nice wish list...except for Ty. You must have that picture as your desktop or's like the 5th time he's appeared on your blog. I'm with you on the vacation though...ahhhhh, to dream!

simply kris said...

Nope. He's just tucked into a file I have labeled 'FAVES'. Wil says it's fine to have Ty around as long as Ty doesn't hit on him. And then Wil chuckles. I want Ty around to finish my yard and basement. Ahhhh... a MyTy.

Mindi said...

hey--is ty one of your "five"???

i love the scooter. i am such a sucker for anything pink.

Josh and Michele said...

Hey, I'm Michele from Washington Ut. And also one of your sisters former neighbors in PVTH. Just read her blog I am! Love the blog stalker post and mom's day wish list! So funny!

qponqwn said...

I'd love a My Ty too! All of that hotness and he's handy around the house-a dream come true!PLEASE find any excuse to come down and play (any day except Tues/Fri)!

Jess said...

oh i hope some of those wish list items come true.

I can picture it now. All the kids packed up in the minivan with Wil at the wheel and you come bustin' out of the garage dressed to the hilt on the scooter all to end up at Macey's! Wouldn't that be the best! (p.s. make sure however, your hair is extremely big and the hot pink lip gloss is not applied sparingly.)