Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Kate

How much longer will she hold to my apron strings? How much longer will she need my help to do up buttons and how much longer will she ask me to brush her hair?

We had a beautiful evening out together. Her whispers and giggles tickled my ears on the drive to Salt Lake for the show. "I'm so excited we're going" she said to herself. She held my hand all night and kept saying "thank you."

Kate loved the Princesses, dinner and shopping. I loved every minute we had- just the two of us. Thank you , Joel.

(a special thanks to my cousin, Audrey for capturing a memory. Nov. 2007-Grandma's gravesite)


kourtney said...

I love that photo-way to go Auds! I'm glad the evening was as wonderful as you you two hoped for.
She'll always be tugging on your apron strings, now for comfort...later because you can't tie them anymore.

bevany said...

Love it. I need a night out with Keigan. They are so fun.