Thursday, February 26, 2009

Really Pulled. Really Twisted. Really Wiggled.

So. I am the only victim of Blog Blahs?
Nothing seems funny enough, crazy enough, informative enough to write about as of late.

And then there is Luke.

When I picked him up from school; he told me lost his tooth at school.
Me: That's terrific, Buddy!
Tears begin to flow and he states again "I LOST my tooth at school!"
ME: What happened?
L: I was going to the bathroom and it must have fell in the toilet. I just opened up the holder to look at it... but it was gone.
~holder is a Tooth Necklace. Top can be removed to house tiny teeth 'til the owner can return home.
Me: You thought it important to check out the tooth while you were peeing?
L: I don't know. (more tears) Now the Tooth Fairy won't come!
Me: Just write a note explaining what happened.
L: Or....
Me: Or what?
L: Nothing.

Jump to bed time.
L: No worries!!! I pulled out the other one! Now she can bring me $$$$!!!!!
Me: Was it even loose?
L: No. But I just pulled REALLY hard. Twisted. Wiggled. (blood dripping from his mouth) I can put it under my pillow.
Me: I hope she brings you lots of $$$. It looks like you might be getting stitches to close up that hole.


Jess said...

Oh Lukey! That is the funniest story (but sad about losing the tooth), I can't believe that he freakin' pulled out another one that WASN'T even loose! Holy crap, Tay won't let us touch the one hangin on by a thread.

I hope the tooth fairy pays double for that one.

I am still laughing! Thanks for the post. Keep it up my friend!

Jennifer Gravley said...

I hope the tooth fairy brings him $10.00. He totally deserves at least that much for pulling a tooth out that wasn't even loose. What a MAN!

bevany said...

GROSS!!!! Gives me the chills just thinking about it. I hope he got lots of money for it.

Harlene said...

Fantastic! I hope he did get lots o moola for that stunt!

Danielle Christiansen said...

oh how i have missed your silly blog. I will try to stop by more often but life....well, it is life and crazy!

qponqwn said...

OH BOYS! Gotta love em! I am still giggling-I can totally see one of my punks pulling that one! (literally) With kids around you always have 'material' to blog about! Thanks for the grins-I'm still LOL-ing!