Monday, October 13, 2008

Natalie- Oh you just HAVE to adore Natalie.

She writes beautifully.

She is profoundly talented as a jewelry artist.
(Oh Nat! I will share what you sent to us for our trade this week!
Forgive my forgetfulness, PLEASE!!!!!)

AND she has some super, spectacular GiVeaWaYs!

For Instance, she is giving this away:
"Kaboost" your young to great heights at the table! Your chair legs fit snuggly in and the Littles get to be a big kid w/out a booster or highchair!

Click on this pic to enter~

It ends on Sunday.... The 19th.


kourtney said...

I am so entering!

Harlene said...

I'd love to come crash your open house.

Will you be advertising here?

Details, please?