Sunday, August 24, 2008

Real Bad

Let's just pretend that you know someone who's Mom babied them. And let's say that you hear that this person has, oh, let's say, broken a toe. Imagine for a moment a man around age 36. (Important factor to grasp: you have not seen this man in over 13 years.)

Picture a mom who loved her son in a TERRIBLE way and called you a Hussy and a Slut. Not viciously, but in a conversational way. It was what she thought of all girls who liked this son and all the girls whom the son LIKED. It was just part of her make up. You get the idea ~ No love lost between you and said mom.

So, when you hear the Man/Boy of 36ish has an OUCH, you ask,
"Is he having his Mommy bring him meals while he has a BooBoo?"

To which you receive,
"She's no longer with us."

Yep. That's me.

Sorry for your loss, Duck.
Devastation would encompass me if something happened to my mom.


JoAnna said...

Am I supposed to be sorry that I'm laughing??

qponqwn said...

Doh! Hate that, don't feel guilty. As moms our job is to work our way out of a job because the fact is that we won't always be here for them, of course they could always marry someone willing to baby them! (but she'll prob'ly be a hussy:)

Jess said...

HEE HEE! The said story is much funnier when told in person. You are so funny.

Oh well, rest in peace over-bearing mom.