Friday, June 13, 2008

How I SPEND my anniversary

June 10th marked our 14th anni!!! That's a pretty amazing accomplishment, wouldn't you say? Married at 20 and 21 years old and STILL married!!!! He is the BEST!!! I couldn't blog about the special day because Wil wasn't around to share it.

He had a last minute trip to Norway for business. (didn't want anyone to know I was home alone with my entourage of 3...) I'm not bugged by his absence, I was just sad. I wish trips weren't on short notice...we're talking, he confirmed his travels on Friday and left Monday morning. I need some time to prep for single parenting~ that's how I survive. I am thinking of remarrying him on a totally different date. June 10th seems to a popular day for conducting business... You see,

He has been in Guatamala over our anni.

We started our relocation drive to Minnesota for a new job on 6/10 one year.

Went to Disneyland WITH the kids on the 10th of June for our 10th anniversary.

This one has to be my favorite, he spent our anniversary one year, in Niagara Falls .... "Wish you were here" spewed irony that day.

This year I just felt sad. I had planned a weekend getaway and had to cancel them ~ ya know, on account of his jet lag and all. Even had many WONDERFUL people who had willingly accepted to watch the kiddos. Instead I took the entourage out to dinner in celebration of their parents surviving 14 years together. They picked Mc Donald's and asked to bring friends. Feeling left out on the world travels, my entourage and I went on a Kung Fu adventure where Panda's reign supreme. Not the most romantic day, but I still celebrated all of the good things in my marriage. Jack, Luke, Kate. See you tonite, Wil. And Honey, Happy Anniversary. Thanks for marrying me


Danielle Christiansen said...

how sad. he travels alot what does he do? At least you have the kiddos to spend it with.
Got my prize from sis today. LOVE IT!! Thanks so much!!!!

Bayra said...

Congrats on the 14th. We just passed our 4th last month. 10 to go to catch up with you... I am glad that your kiddos had fun at least. Might as well! Love you and happy summer! Oh, still waiting to see what you are coming up with Nate's name display!

Sean said...

Congratulations you two! 14 years. Jess and I can take the kids for a make up anni!

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary Kris! I'm sure the two of you can figure out away for being apart! Have fun!

JoAnna said...

CONGRATS! And that is kindof a bummer! I'm so sorry. THere's just something so lonely about going to mcdonalds on your anniversary, no??
I love your side comment about Wed's goal!! LOL!!

Did you get my e-mail about how much I love all my stuff?!

CoLiE-O said...

bummer. i am sorry. at least you didnt rent a chick flick, snot and tears through it all and eat a whole tub of ice cream. thats something i woulda done.
congrats! 14 years is a big milestone! i am going on the big 4!
You should celebrate on the 10th, every month for the rest of the year to make up for lost time. dinner, movie , shopping etc. just a thought :)

kourtney said...

Happy Unanniversay to YOU!

Jess said...

Oh that is so sad that he was jet-lagged on your 14th anniversary! You are the women though! Look at you being Super Mom will Mc Donalds and a little Kung Fu Panda action! Nice work. You so get my award this week.

Love you too! Seriously, you just put the biggest smile on my face.

You are SOOO doing a make-up anniversary date. Just let me know when and I am all over it!

april hickman said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!
You still need to celebrate this, and NOT with the kids. So get your creative juices flowing, creative girl, and figure something fun out.
Love, April

Mindi said...

time for a vacation, not a trip, sister!
happy anniversh anyway!

CoLiE-O said...

better late than never? sorry, its not like i have been busy..just lazy!

Peanut butter no-bake cookies

2 cups sugar
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup butter
1/8 tsp salt
1 cup creamy peanut butter
(I use Skippy's all natural)
3 cups quick oats
1/4 tsp vanilla

*combine sugar, milk, salt and butter in a medium pan.
*bring to boil- allow to boil for 1 minute (I boil it until I cant see/feel the granules of sugar)
*remove from heat and stir in vanilla, pb and oats
*stir until mixture is stiff
*drop (good cookie size) onto tin foil/wax paper
*let cool, then enjoy.

so naughty!!