Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Recently happened upon a blog that had a book tag. Simply look up page 123 in the book you are currently reading (or have most recently read) and post the 5th sentence on that page.

Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert

"Our whole business therefore in this life, " wrote Saint Augustine, rather Yogically, "is to restore to health the eye of the heart whereby God may be seen."

I tag EVERYONE who happens upon my silliness. Please post your 5th line in my comments as well. I am near the end of this read and feeling the "What am I going to read after this" fear. Your 5th line may just entice me to check out your book of choice


bevany said...

I doubt the fifth sentence on page 123 of Your Pregnancy Week by Week is going to inspire you...but who knows?? Maybe I'll do it since I'm lacking in things to blog about.

kourtney said...

My latest book doesn't have that many pages, but I'll go the last page and see what happens. "Pisces: A relationship of extremes." I don't think you need to pick up this book, I don't know if you'd like it. Okay, how about this one. Nicholas Sparks "A Bend in the Road". I'm not that far, so I hope this sentence doesn't blow anything for me. "If it seemed to Sarah that he sometimes paused in his work to watch her speculatively, she didn't press him on it". Crap, it did!

simply kris said...

You sound very sad about reading page 123 of your book. I am intrigued. Wanna trade when I finish mine?
Bevany, I really do think it might help someone, if not me!

Jess said...

i am so not reading anything right now. i should. i need to dive into a good book and let the world around me take a step back.

do you like the book you are reading? i saw elizabeth gilbert on oprah but didn't hear what they said.

Bayra said...

I have 4 books half-read. I have a reader's block. I can't finish books since December. So I don't start anymore. Anyway, I will go get that Windy City Mix. I haven't been there. But I do have to go downtown within a couple of weeks so I will do it then. Is it OK to mail it?

Knowlton Mom said...

I'm reading SisterChicks in Sombreros. I like the whole series of SisterChicks by Robin Jones Gunn.
OK, here it is:
It was too late. Joanne was in the far right lane and forced to turn right.


Alyssa Coberly said...

i LOVE this book {eat pray love} ... its so witty!

Book Im currently reading {wedding in december} "I didnt know what to say to Bill," Rob confided to Harrison" " I didnt know whether to start with congratulations on the wedding or with an expression of sympathy for Bridget and what shes going through{cancer}"

Unknown said...

Hey Kris! I'm reading Emma ...again.

here is the line...

Angry as she was, the thought of the moment made her resolve to restrain herself when she did speak.

Christina said...

My books called Beauty like beauty and the beast in fact it's a retelling of the classic story... here's my line.
Breakfast was laid on the table by the fire, which was burning once again.
ok so not very inticing but I remember reading this book in jr. high and loving it so i picked it up at my local library and read it and finished it in 1 day. It even brought back those warm, fuzzy, giddy feelings, I love books that can do that!