Friday, April 11, 2008

Spontaneous Gathering.

I do so wish I could comfortably be the Hostess with the Mostest, but alas, I fall short on my view of personal expectation.

So, I lowered the bar again.

Personalized with Calligraphy Invites sealed in monogrammed wax. Nope. Casual late night and early morning calls to available sisters and friends and children to come eat here.

Party Decor in Spring colors and me in a New apron primped to heaven. Nope. I showered and brushed my teeth
Catered Chinese buffet, kids make personal pizzas and fresh lemon spritzers. Nope. $5 pizzas (purchased and picked up by invited guest-thank you Jess) and salad literally tossed together, Country Time and juice boxes.

Strawberry shortcake with fresh mint sprigs. Nope. Break apart sugar cookies.
Make and take activity for adults. Nope. Extra slice of pizza as they are walking out the door.

Children Crafts and organized games with prizes. Nope. Allowed the wee ones to brave the weedy, dirt backyard to spend an hour or so jumping on way too bouncy tramp.

Cons-too little space for every one's comfort, unfenced yard and wandering baby, WII is a tad noisy for adult conversation to be heard

Pros-I am blessed to know these people. I have friends who will come spend time with me in a moments notice. My kids are saying it is the best day ever. Extra cookies in my house. Yum.
So, what do you do on a moments notice for fun? I need more ideas


kourtney said...

On a moments notice, I drive to a state park, head off to city museum, go for a drive. No planning, no guests, just me and the kiddos locked in place. Thanks for the invite--it was perfect, relaxed, and now the kids got their daily activity fix. THANK YOU!

Jess said...

it was simply wonderful. the kids are totally sacked out right not due to the "way too bouncy tramp"
my kids are now asking when we will get our tramp?

and the salad was delicious. loved every minute.

i love spur of the moment trips. no time to think about cleaning, just gather and go and enjoy.