Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Six Degrees of....


Ya know when you're talking to someone and one thing leads to another and 'You went to school with so-n-so's cousin who's best friend is now married to your best friend's little sister?' (OK. I know that sounds totally whacked, but I have a point.)

It happened t'nite. Every time I go ANYWHERE- I know someone. AND more often than not, I have in someway or another dated someone they are talking about. How is this possible? I have been married for almost 14 years. I got married at 20! Yet, ruthlessly my past conquests (yep, I said conquest) are popping up. When I make the initial connection down memory lane, I laugh at the silliness of it, but then I go home and I feel a tad mortified. My buddy, Jennifer, is usually with me when these hauntings occur, and I fear she might be thinking I was a player... Nope. Just a terrible flirt.

So my question this evening is this- How many of you, my visitors to the HIDEOUT, do I really know? Are you here by happenstance or did you arrive via the SIX DEGREES OF ME~kris?


Anonymous said...

Nope Kris, i don't think you're a player at all. You have such an awesome personality and you are beautiful. It's no wonder how you know some body everywhere you go, people gravitate toward you. I'm glad we are friends, you brighten my day. Love ya!

Jess said...

oh my gosh, you seriously do have a connection to everyone, but it isn't a surprise. You are a bright ray of sunshine and people love to be around you. Thanks for being my friend.

Amy said...

I think that is funny. It tends to happen to me all the time too... not that I dated them- but I am related to someone they know. You know the So. Utah gene pool is kindof shallow. The dating part does crack me up though... one time I was trying to date two guys at the same time. They "bumped" into each other at my house once so they did know about each other. I laughed, but the joke soon was on me. They both went on missions and were companions 3 times. THey were in each other's wedding lines. I bet they had funny stories. Sometimes I feel like the world is too small and I am about 1 1/2 degrees from most. YIKES!

Mindi said...

i got here in 3 degrees: i am friends with amy, who is sister-in-law to kourney, who is sister to you.....i just throroughly enjoyed that process! i might have to steal your idea......good stuff.

kourtney said...

My mother happens to be your mother. My father happen to be your father too. Oh and my third cousin twice removed is your third cousin twice removed. Funny how that all works out. But the best part is that you dated our third cousin twice removed's best friend.

Saying It Simply said...

KOURT, did you know that I married YOUR brother-in-law?
MINDI-seriously. we are pracitcally related.
AMY-my hubby met I guy who went to Dixie College on his mission. Joel said, "Oh i have a friend down there." (here is where Joel mentions my name) Guy in Virginia says, "Oh. I've kissed her." good grief.
JESS and JENNIFER- I am always on my best behavior around you two. You make me want to personify being good!
Thanks for playing 6 degrees of me!