Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The President Reigns Supreme

Last night, a little earlier than usual, I got into bed. After 30 minutes of watching what I wanted to watch on TV I decided it was too early to be hitting the hay. I jumped up out of bed, wriggled my toes into my friggies (a family word for slippers) and walked to my bedroom door. At this moment I hear the squeak from one particularly weight worn stair. I know it's Joel. And by the steadiness of his steps, he was trying to be quiet. I thought to myself, "I'm gonna get him..."
Clasping the door knob, I prepare my attack. The door open a crack. All light from our room extinguished, so seeing him was easy as he was back lit from downstairs illumination.
I see his silhouette move past the door jam. (He's peeking to see if I've fallen asleep) I yanked open the door and bellowed a primal roar. (I surprised myself at the sheer volume and ferocity- I meant business). SUCCESS! I haven't seen him that overwhelmed in years. Ohhhhhh, it felt good. THE KING HAS BEEN DETHRONED!!! How long has it been since I scared the bejeebers out of some one? Yay, ME!!!
But this victory is short lived. He stole all of my unders. I am sans scivvies. I bow to his sneaky sneakiness. I am the April Fool.
Sidenote, while driving down I15 this morning, has anyone seen my unmentionables ?


Knowlton Mom said...

I cannot tell you how loud I belly laughed over this!!!

Saying It Simply said...

Thanks Rach. That is all I want out of life. (to make people laugh-it is VERY hard to do through the written word...)
Happy April Fool's Day to you !!!

Jess said...

OH MY GOSH-- I have tears streaming down my eyes! you are hilarious.

i hope you find those scivvies soon. nice one Wil!

Jess said...

okay.. i'm a dork that would be "face" not eyes.. seriously, I did sleep last night!

bevany said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!! That is awesome. I would kill to ever scare Mike that bad. It's always the other way around.

kourtney said...

Oh, my second fav holiday is here and I love that you are a prankster too!