Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hello Blog STALKER

Instead of Blog Stalker I find BALKER, SLOGGER or OGLER a tad friendlier. (Note- see how I combined the Nasty 'blog stalker' term into nifty sub-categories- I mixed & matched.) Now you can choose which category you fall into:

Balker: Someone who will not comment because they are merely watching to see me make a fool of myself and silently critique my follies

Slogger: Someone who is just tooooooooo lazy to say "Hello" or too sleepy to say "Kris, you are SIMPLY idiotic"

Ogler: Someone who is so in AWE of my creative craziness as I tickle my keyboard, they are struck speechless and stare wide-eyed at my HIDEOUT.

Some Quick Queries: I've noticed frequent visits from people in certain locations....Do I know you PINE VALLEY, UTAH patron? I've been there before... Hey LORAIN (OHIO) are you who I think you are? BROOKLYN, NY.... did you come via a relative's blog? Yo, MILLTOWN, NJ.... I can't even guess why you stopped here, but THANK YOU AND Y'all come back now, ya hear? Hello, BOISE.... are you related to my better half? SANDY, UT... does your name begin with a letter in the latter part of the alphabet? As for LAYTON, UT...I know there is one Kookie leaving crumbles from that neighborhood.

Look, so few of my friends actually Blog, Stalk, Balk, Slog or Ogle....I'd love to make some new friends that do.... will you say "hey" next time you pass by? I just turned OFF the verification for comments. I am trying to make this easy peasy.


Mindi said...

hey!! i have a person from pine valley on mine, also. i think they must stalk 24/7.
i am out in the open so i can profess my love for you without trying to hide it. you rock!

Jess said...

i want to classify myself as an ogler just for the fun of it!

you seriously never cease to amaze me on your cleaverness (is that a word?).. I laugh everytime!

anyway, come on all you visitors Kris REALLY wants you to say hi.

Don't be afraid, she only bites sometimes!

Unknown said...

Okay I am definantly an ogler! I am not in awe of your craziness so much as I am in awe of YOU! You amaze me!

Anonymous said...

Most definately an ogler! You are so clever I feel like I get a sneak peak into your psyche, which almost feels like an invasion, but I'm not giving it up. Thank you for entertaining me! P.S. I missed you on Monday morning!

Haley said...

lorain, ohio....that's me!!!! I am definitly an Ogler but a little bit of a slogger too!!!!!

i will say hi more often!!!!!

kourtney said...

I am none of these. I never pass up an opportunity to say "HEY"! I NEVER make fun of you! And I never marvel at your creative juices! So what AM I? I guess I am a BLOSTER, someone who is boisterous, excited, and stirring up the water in the blogging world. I love to comment!

kourtney said...

Love the pic of Jack..honey, you're gonna have your hands full and a nonstop phone!

Danielle Christiansen said...

Ogler for me. I got to your blog through April. We are friends from College. Cute blog. keep it going!!

Bethany said...

Ha, ha! Ogler here. I think your blog is hilarious. Beint a stay-at-home mom of 4 I need something to keep me laughing some days.

bevany said...

This is my favorite post EVER!!! I get Brooklyn NY and some place in New Jersey, too. Doesn't it drive you nuts?? Thanks for your support on my Idol opinions. My belly is good...slowly getting better. I'm totally finding out the gender. It will be the end of May! Keep up the good posts.

april hickman said...

You are out of control!!!! My thoughts are faster than I can type, I'm lazy, I'll just call you. I'm going to call you today! Why can't you live in St.George? I miss you. Love ya, April

simply kris said...

Well, lookey lookey... I have friends!!!! Thanks to all of you for being brave and saying "Hey!"
MINDI- I think you wear your big girl panties EVERY day and I aspire to be edgier like you.
JESS-IF I bite and YOU bite me back, I will have learned my lesson. AND "CLEAVER" is a word.. it's a big knife :)
ANGI- I'll OGLE you in return!
JEN- I LOVE being invaded!
HALEY- How is it in OHIO? Why do you live there?
KOURTNEY- MY SIS, it's commenters like you that keep blogging alive
DANIELLE-friend of April...friend of mine
BETHANY- It's a pleasure to meet you, now Meet everyone...EVERYONE this is Bethany, Stop by and say "Hey!" to her.
BEVANY- yo, Cuh-uz, thanks for being a regular at the HIDEOUT! I am so glad you're finding out what that baby is!
APRIL- one of OLDEST living friendships. YOU can testify that I do like people in general and all the STALKERS out there could benefit from knowing me! (I am so humble and unassuming... NOT)

qponqwn said...

Kris! Yes, I'm still in the ghetto! When are you going to come down here so we can go to lunch? How did your kids get so dang big? I'm glad you found me, you are so much fun!! By the way I'm probably an Ogler, mostly cuz it takes me a while to figure out how to leave a comment (I'm still new to all of this blogging)!

Amy said...

Ogler here! Love your blog! You crack me up!

Bayra said...

I think I am a cross between an Ogler and a Slogger. You make me laugh so I check your blogs but I am not always available to comment. Maybe when Zach is in kindergarden. Just kidding! I do try to leave comments! Love you and we are very excited to visit our Utah gang in early June.