Monday, March 3, 2008

What's on your nightstand?

Our RECRUITER is also our FaSHioN eDiToR & STyLiST, at age 3 and surounded by a mom who loves power tools, a dad addicted to sports and computers and 2 BROTHERS (do I really need to elaborate on what brothers like?) is fond of anything and everything FAB and POSH.
In her booknook... Fancy Nancy. The tell all book for those in need of what's fashionably acceptable.
Our FACTUARY, at age 5, has come to his own realization that books with pictures and 3 word sentences are in his words, "Seriously Stupid". Within the past 2 weeks he has finished 7 Magic Tree House books.
Our Entertainer, is prepping for a written and an oral book report. FABLEHAVEN is the page turner he recently finished and is about 50 pages from finishing book 2 in the series. His plan for the oral report is to invite Author Brandon Mull to be his visual aid. (Jack is actively attempting to contact Mr. Mull via the internet. And would like me to extend the invitation via this blog, so heregoes...)
"Hello Mr. Mull. My 3rd grader firmly believes if he shows up with you for his oral report on your delightful creation, FABLEHAVEN he is sure to impress his classmates and teacher. If you have any time available the week of March 10th, please contact Jack via this blog to arrange his 'Show and Tell All'. Most Sincerely, Kristine Hansen President and Voice for the Hansen Hideout"
Our Financier, always wanting to be apprised of that which our children are burying their brains, is also devouring the FABLEHAVEN series. He turned to me last night to share that they are in fact, "Pretty Darn Fun".
And for me, (still unable to perform Self-Help alone, (would you consider that to be contradictory?) I am half way through Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. I am actually quite found of the phenomenom, The Secret, and this book shares many of the same teachings.
So there you have it.... The HIDEOUT is deep into reading. Any suggestions on what we should read next?


kourtney said...

I love that you have, even unknowingly, shared your love for reading with your kids--it's awesome. Books are the best entertainment.

Jess said...

I am in love with the Fancy Nancy book. Have you read the 2nd one? Your kids are way to cute for words (and smartie pants too!)