Thursday, March 20, 2008

Info from the Prez

If a HiDeouT member has a personal issue, please know that the office door is always open.
Case in point:
Setting: Evening meal ~ pastrami sandwiches, french fries, fruit of choice
Members present: Joel, Kris, Jack, Luke, Kate
Members completing said meal: Joel, Kris, Jack, Kate
Member with issue: Luke
Fifteen minutes after being told he must take at least one bite of his dinner, Luke (Hideout Factuary) entered the family room silently crying and profusely saying, "I'm sorry". When questioned what he felt sorry about, (my mind is thinking he must have done something to dinner and knew it was inedible, thus not partaking of the dinner in question I had devoured), he cried, "I broke my tooth." Clarity. His first loose tooth. Pretty darn loose, too, I might add.
"It hurts. I should have brushed more." Tears, anguish and worry changing his features.
We tell him everything is fine. It's supposed to do that. It only hurts a little. Your big tooth is pushing it out...
"Oh. O.K." Facts clear in his mind, he leaves.
5 minutes later, new tears. New worry. "It's bleeding!!!" We notice it is reaaallllllly loose.
We asked, "How long has it been wiggling?"
"Only 7 days exactly." He's been counting? Where have I been? Before Jack lost his first, he sucked it in and out repeatedly. Drove me nuts!
He leaves again.
39 seconds pass and the whole brood stampede downstairs screaming that it's out.
Luke says, "Once I knew it was supposed to come out, I pulled."
Looking back, I acknowledge that it has been 7 days he has refused to eat. Duh.


bevany said...

That is so cute. Poor little guy. You must have him terrified about brushing his teeth!! Funny story...and he looks so proud in the picture.

Jess said...

Ah Luke, you cute kid! I love the look of the missing tooth. I need to see it in real life too!

I don't think any of Tay's are even close to coming out.

psst.. I hope the tooth fairy was good to you buddy! hugs!

april hickman said...

Kris, Thank you for that sweet post. I am greatful for our friendship too. I was thinking the other day that you were one of my first friends in St. George, and of those, the only one I keep in touch with.I owe alot of who I am to you. I think you really helped me come out of my shy shell when I moved here. I love that we go way back. It's been fun catching up daily with blogging. Anyway, have a great Easter and I'll talk to you soon.

The Hartungs said...

when i read this i cried! i don't know why maybe because my lukey's growing up, maybe because i was sad that he was sad. I know it's a sweet story but i'm weird so i cry. i told this to nate and he was like "k" Men! they don't get how big these things are. Arghhh!!!