Friday, November 9, 2007

A great day for UP!!!

Today is the day!!!! Christmas lights up. Christmas tree up! Spirit's up! Turn the music up and let's get busy. (Now. If only I could wake Joel UP!)

It does seem a bit early in the season to be doing this. My reasoning is legit, though. Our Halloween decor was pushed to the side because I was in high gear to complete orders and prepare for a craft show and Open houses. I am not letting it happen with Christmas. I want my house to twinkle, because I will probably be covered in sawdust and paint.

I hope our festive feelings will carry over to you as you drive by rather than bring a groan. I tinseled early for my kids. I want this season to be full of magic. I will be busy with the biz. Christmas orders are coming in each day. And I don't want to be asked on December 23rd, "Can we put up the tree today?" If I don't haul out the holly right now, it will happen. I know me.


bevany said...

Hey Kris. Is your blog brand new? You need to get some pics of your cute family up. I'm gonna send you my blog so we can be blogging friends. I am jealous that your tree is already up. I can't wait!

kourtney said...

WOW! You are a blogger. Now, let's just get this updated shall we?