Saturday, November 8, 2008

Where the *#$% have I been?

Have you missed me?

Let me tell ya, Strept sucks as an adult. Is it possible to have a TERRIBLE pain in your throat for over a week and be on antibiotics? Been there, still hurtin'.

Did a show today that actually kind of sucked. Met some wonderful fellow crafters/vendors, but the buyers were lacking. That's hard to take after you've nearly killed yourself getting ready...

(BTW, if there are any of you out there awaiting the arrival of your orders from SIS, I have been stuck in bed for a good week, and I'm the one that completes the first part of your items. Please do not hold Kourtney responsible for the delay. I caught a bug from an infected 9 year old at a 4th grade Halloween extravaganza.)

I'm planning on posting some awesome tales next week. Please check back and keep me in your favs. I love you all. Really. Promise.

Harlene, I could REALLY down an Iceburg Shake. It's been years... and thanks for saying you won't call me "mom". :)

xxoo, kris


Danielle Christiansen said...

I am so sorry. I get it all the time. And it is no fun. glad your back blogging though.

Harlene said...

So sorry about the strep, it's gone through our house too.

I'll email you about the shake:)

Bevany said...

Good grief...and here I was thinking you were off having fun in NYC. Sorry you were sick...that's so not fun.

Shauna said...

We did miss you. Feel better soon.
:) Shauna

qponqwn said...

You've been missed--and I don't even get a chance to check every day!

Anonymous said...

Uuugggh, that so sucks. Sorry but we're glad to see you back in the action!!