Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Realistically Busy

where have i been?

2 Open Houses
2 Katey~Kat b-day extravaganza's (Boo at the Zoo & a pumpkin walk with fam on Saturday. Today, 5 favorite friends over for her PeRFeCT PiXie PRiNCeSS PaRTy)
1 show we are preparing for~ it's this Saturday. BTW, all of you are invited...
1 Super Saturday we are doing 2 activities for
1 4th grade Halloween party (Yep. I'm heading this, too. Don't get me started on this educator... just signed up for this job on Friday-
still waiting for parent "I'll help!" slips to return.)
1 trip to NYC I would love to shop for, but if I want to pay for any food,
I must make do with my sad wardrobe.

1 2-day Craft Show the weekend before NYC trip- Hopefully, I'll earn some cash for chow in the big apple.
1 Bestie coming for a visit same weeked of craft show before I visit Letterman.
3 children who want to change costumes 3 days before we trick and treat!
1 husband who is needing some TLC.
Anyone wanna do lunch? I need some down time. No kids allowed.
And who ever comes, CANNOT call me "Mommy".


Mindi said...

i forgive you.

blogging can feel like a 'BLOGLIGATION' sometimes. we go through phases, so i feel you on this one.

chic lit said...

I wish I was there to help you. I would come in a heartbeat if i havent been working EVERYDAY!!!! I love and MISS you like crazy. You too kourt. I forgot to put that onyours:)

nicolefurness said...

and i thought i was busy? you take the cake!!!!

Harlene said...

Remember, to everyone in New York your duds are brand new right?

You deserve and iceberg shake, my treat when you get back and have a nap!

Danielle Christiansen said...

holy busy girl. take a much needed break!

Jennifer Gravley said...

Lunch? I'm in and I promise I won't call you "Mommy". You name the place and the time. I'll even drive. Hope you feel better soon. Call me and I will bring you soup.

McMillan Family said...

Man you have been a busy women. I hope all is well. I would lunch with out kids. If you guys go give me a call.