Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Would you like to play?

Do you like to like to tease?

If so, I have a new, supremely-fun for-the-questioner game for you to play(I use the word "Play" lightly here) with your loved ones, co-workers and especially people who don't know you aren't actually friends- that frankly, you detest them quite a bit.

How to play:

This is my example from when I played this game with Wil (by the way, he falls into my "loved ones" category. Just thought it best if I clarify)

Locale: WalMart parking lot.
Me: Wil do you like that car?
Wil: Yeah. It's not bad for a Volkswagen.
Me: The color is great.
Wil: Very cool.
Me: Who does it belong to?
Wil: I don't know.
Me: Me neither. Then I laugh maniacally.
Oh.. So fun. I was taught this game by a 6 year old.

Locale: Village Inn for breakfast.
Game participants: 6 year old and Grandpa.
6: Grandpa do you know Jim Burtenshaw?
Pops: (thinking) No. No I don't think I do.
6:I don't either. (Takes bite of pancake)

Oh. My side! Classic. From the clever brain of a child comes Kris-fun for weeks.


CoLiE-O said...

you make me laugh... sounds like something i would do when im in "one of those" giddy, slap happy, obnoxius moods... i do it just to ruffle stantons feathers... then i laugh even harder cuz i think i am so hilarious...then he starts laughing b/c he thinks im a geek.. i love those times!! missed you- welcome back :)

Angi said...

Thanks for making me laugh Kris!

qponqwn said...

I used to work at the mall-we were bad--I mean we would go so far as naming couples, their car models, their kids names (or dogs) etc.. create entire soap opera lives for people just because they happened to walk by on a slow day. Okay, maybe that was too much info?