Thursday, May 8, 2008

Meet my BFF

What can I say? After being spotlighted in a superbly DALiCiouS way, I feel it necessary to reciprocate the kindness...

As I would love to sing a song I wrote in honor of my baby sister, aka BFF, Kourtney, I just remembered I have lowered the bar of things I can do. (Remember, this is so I can have a restful sleep, see decree here)

So we'll just have to settle for a list of Good things about Kourt.


  1. calls ALL the time

  2. answers the phone when I call

  3. is a work horse and proudly prances when she's sportin' the saddle

  4. tells me when there is something in my teeth

  5. is a motivator

  6. never complains- I wish she would every once in a while. Then I wouldn't feel like such a whiner! Everyone should know, whiners get shiners. Kourt told me.

  7. is a fount of creative prowess and is the organizational wizard behind SIS

  8. is my happy giggle every morning

  9. is a nurturing mom and aunt. Her kiddos love her so much and My kiddos adore Aunt Kookie

  10. is a humble bumble. Never toots her own horn and reminds me to be a little less tooty.

  11. makes me want to be the best I can be

  12. loves the color Orange and looks quite beautiful in it, I should add.

  13. owns every Matthew McConaughey movie ever made.

  14. makes me get out of the EMBARRASSMENT cocoon I have spun 'round myself so we can reenact great movie scenes from chick flicks to entertainment the masses.

  15. makes us wear matching clothes when we go out so the public at large will know we are together~ I love being associated with her.

  16. will hate that I did this but still love me just the same.

That's my sis~my sidekick~my very own american idol. Check back each Thursday to see who I am proppin' up as I try to appreciate others.


kourtney said...

Whoo-Hoo I'm #1, only fitting cuz this is about me. This is all true, but you forgot one thing...PATIENT! I have learned that from you or because of you, doesn't matter. jk. On a side note, I love this Erasure song, it makes me want to "stand up" and sing. I wish I could be that wonderful and funny person you talked about. Hey, Pop goes my heart. Yeah, it's Yaz. You are my story of love.

Bevany said...

So, it might because I'm pregnant, but I actually almost cried reading this. You guys are so cute.

Chicagoans said...

What a list Kris! Are you sure that you lowered bar, I think you might have elevated the bar. Anyway, I love everything you said about Kourtney! She is a doll. However, you seem to think that you did it out of bligation but it sure sounds like it cme right out of your heart! My fave is number #15! Everytime I saw her kiddos they were all coordinating! They are so cute when they cooridnate. Anyway, thanks for the tribute to Kourtney!

Jess said...

You guys are an awesome pair! How lucky to have a sister so amazing. I love that you guys are so close. I wish my sis was closer than Boise.

You are pretty amazing at all those things too, my friend!