Friday, May 9, 2008

SIS is at it again

SIS has another giveaway. WOW. 2 in one week. Go here to enter.
Quick story about this block. Had a dude come to the door on Saturday, selling, oh, I don't know Record Players, perhaps. As soon as Wil opens the door, dude jumps into his pitch on why we need a record player (ok. I know it wasn't actually an RP- but that's all I can come up with at the moment) and he is enthusiastic! Wil silently points to obviously placed, polite (it says thank you) NO SOLICITING sign. Dude replies, "Oh. I thought it was too cute to be a real one."
Even the sales-pitchers appreciate the craftiness of this SIS creation!
Now, don't you want one, too?

1 comment:

Bayra said...

I have to say that the salesman knows how to acknowledge cuteness! Great work on the cute sign! And a Happy Mother's Day! I think you are lovely mom and I think you kiddos enjoy you very much! Keep up being awesome!