Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dream Fire Sprinkled Out

I wanted a bike for Mother's Day... I got shown the backyard. Sigh.

It was purely for the greater good of the fam. Save $$$ on gas. Bonding while biking with the fam. Last but not least, my thighs~I could ride my pink and pretty over to Maverick to pick up the coke waiting for me to start my day.

Nope. I was told I ALMOST had it! But then Wil's rational good sense made him think twice (when does this happen? EVER?!?!?! Only on Kris Day) and not load up the empty car with a Kris-happy-maker. He has rationalized the non-purchase with the FACT that we now need sprinklers... Go ahead. Toss that back at me, your spontateous grass buyin' crazy insane wife.

Sigh. Tear Trickle. I still want a bike... and Wil, I understand. Sniff Sniff. Reality Bites.

Did all of you get the one magic item for MDay? I would like to be happy for your good fortune. I do LOVE the grass... it just wasn't a surprise. Well. Not for me. hee hee


Danielle Christiansen said...

How sad!!I want you to have your new bike. It was moms day, you should have gotten whatever you wanted, which most of the time includes a clean house. Oh well happy belated moms day!

Angi said...

Well Kris...I REALLY wanted a Garmin 201 but I didn't even dare ask for it after the $55 dollar entrance fee to the marathon. So, that's what I got...a guaranteed spot to go kill myself in Sept. No magic here.

april hickman said...

Kris, Don't cry.... I didn't get what I wanted either. I wanted my husband and kids to "ask" me what I wanted. Instead they told me what they wanted me to do. So I went to church, did four heads of hair, made lunch and dinner, cleaned up, did some laundry, and totally felt sorry for my self. But I do love their homemade gifts, so I'm trying to focus on those.

Mindi said...


the fact that it has the pink panther on it only makes it that much more important.

sounds like you need to just take matters into your own hands.....i like to do that every once in a while.
keeps them on their toes.

Jess said...

I hope that thing is a 2 seater because when the day comes and that baby is yours I want a ride.

You are so funny! Loves!

Chrissy said...

Hey Kris,
This year Brian totally came through and got me exactly what I asked for. A picnic basket complete with plates, glasses, cutlery and the cutest little salt and pepper shaker. And hey, it only took 7 years of marriage and 5 years of motherhood for him to figure out this holiday!

The Boatright's said...

I got something that I wanted & something I needed.
The dancing with the stars workout video and Stephenie Meyers new book The Host. You can decide which you think I wanted. However the Max guy on the video is cute! And I already finished the good. Kinda phycho. Right up my ally.