Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I never told what happened when Wil returned from San Fran to find that his spontaneous better half and purchased 2000 sq feet of sod.

Absolutely nothing. He loves me. Wait. I had to by tissues and cold meds. And give some TLC as we was practically at death's door.

Today, Kelli (who claims to be the IT in Saying It Simply. ~ you see, she is the middle sis.) and I vegged in the grassy green, lush backyard. Doing absolutely nothing, but loving that we weren't trying to relax in dirt.

Did I tell you I open my blinds to the back now?

We still need to make flower beds and haul in lots of dark dirt (I'll get that next time Wil travels.) and clean up a crap load of weeds under the tramp. Not worried about the tramp area though. The pool will be going there in about 2 weeks.

You should all come visit me. We can sit on the ground in my backyard and love that I make crazy decisions. (ok. got the pic off the internet. not my yard. but someday it will be all done.)


kourtney said...

Sounds like a plan. I'll come with floatie in one hand and a shovel in the other.

Bevany said...

I was seriously amazed that this was your backyard. I guess I'm a little gulible (sp?). Good thing I read the whole thing...I'm sure yours looks awesome too.

Angi said...

Count me in for a visit. Just say when...

Jess said...

I love that you are enjoying that green stuff. You should post a picture because it looks great. I'm all about a long day of work to get that pool in :) You name the day and I am there.

It is coming together so nicely. You do good work my friend.

Thanks again for the presents. They both got put to good use today. I think the bath stuff really did heal me and Jayson wanted to eat me afterwards! :) You are great.