Monday, June 15, 2009

Reality In Waiting

Just found out that the LG Lotus contest I'm in will notify the winner by 6/22... wishing and hoping, thinking and praying.

Wil has had ONE day off (anny Thursday)since we went to PHX at the beginning of May... would love to have him as an active part of our family again.

Our "ship" should be docking any day now. It's so damn hard waiting for your ship to come in. However, seeing that I live in the desert, I shouldn't be surprised that there aren't any ports to welcome a ship home.

Saying It Simply's re*it*er*ate bags are on the cusp of being a HOT item. Feedback is fab on them, just want the sales to reflect it. Just trying to do my part.

If the damn rain would stop, I could put up our pool. Wait. If I put up the pool while it's raining, I could fill it with the blessings from Mother Nature..

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