Wednesday, June 10, 2009

15 years. For Reals.

Well, I did it.

Wil and I have been married for 15 years today. Asked him if people at work were surprised he's been married for 15 years.

Wil said, "No. But it's because they don't really know you." This was funny, folks. OK to laugh... I laughed and laughed and laughed... I think he laughed a little louder, but there is some truth to his statement. :)

He just brought me breakfast at the computer.
A hug and a kiss~ he's out the door; off to work.

Our evening celebration is planned:
Kate's dance recital. (She's getting chocolates and flowers this year)
But I'm not upset about this... at least he's home for this one! If you'd like to see where Wil has spent other anniversaries, follow his celebratory travels here

Look what we've accomplished in 15 years:
*Jack, Luke, Kate

*multiple piercings
*ring tattoos (my 3rd anni gift to him)
*a home in Surprise, AZ... that's just too fun to say
*a year in MN
*4 fights
*4 cats... just to make me happy
*my biz
*he's a wanted man in the world of computer scanning and 3d graphics
*teaching me to use power tools
*lived w/ his parents for 1 year and 4 months. (thanks M&D-tooooooooooo kind)
*a home in PG, UT
*Many relocations
*and some giggles
I think that says a lot lot lot lot lot.

And just so you know Where there's a Wil, there's a way because he:
has a great personality and a super sense of humor~ personal joke here... too many times these attributes are used to cover up the looks department, but he's got that covered too.
He's FUNNY, thoughtful, kind, handsome, loving, strong, caring, dedicated, dependable, hard working, successful, brilliant, ... thanks! thanks! thanks mr. manly. i am sooooo crushing on you, right now. i think I'll be washing your laundry today AND MAYBE ironing.
Even though it's sad when I find us acting like grown ups, at least we're doing it together.

We're planting a tree to commemorate this accomplishment. Want to see which grows faster, Me and Wil or the tree. xx, kris

Now,go kiss someone to celebrate with me. I love kissing.


Angi said...

Ahhhh, man! I might have to drive to Salt lake just to kiss my man! Congratulations to both of you! Hope your next 15/30/50 years are just as good!

Amy H said...

I kissed your cousin in celebration!!! LOL. Don't think he really had a problem spreading the love. Hehehe. Congrats to two wonderful people, and here's to many, many, more years of being, "so happy together!".

Harlene said...

Congratulations! My husband will be thrilled to celebrate for you!

Jess said...

I just gave Rylee a little kiss. She pinched her finger and really needed it.. good timing!

I am so proud of you for your 15 years together. Your accomplishments are amazing and there are so many more that you didn't list. I love the tree idea. You are both FAB in my book!

Chrissy said...

Congratulations! 15 years is quite an accomplishment... I just hope Brian and I are still as cool as you two when we hit the 15 year mark. (Probably not, we'll probably be boring old farts sitting on the porch yelling at kids to get off our lawn...)

Danielle Christiansen said...

Happy anniversary. laughter is the key to a happy marriage.

Rachel said...

I so wish we lived closer. You two would be fun to be around. What an example of sticking it out...a very underrated quality. Happy anniversary!

Kristen said...