Sunday, March 22, 2009

realistic religion

I have not been a strong link in the chain of religion.
In fact, I have not been to church (untill today) for months and months.

Wil works.

I'm lazy.

I'm selfish.

Kids disinterested.

Not a priority. I know that sounds REALLY bad. But it's the truth.

Well last Sunday, Kate decides we're going. Church starts @9am. It was 8:45 when her mind is made up... don't know where the religious bug was picked up... Possibly the cart at the grocery store... who knows how many hands have been on it before you... but she is adamant regarding her salvation and that of her brother's, her dad's and mine. I think that she's probably right and decide we can skip the first hour ~executive decision~ there was NO WAY I could get them all ready in 15 mins!

It turned out the boys have been growing an awful lot. Each pair of pants was either too snug or much to short to be considered. I told Katey we couldn't go and her tears runneth-ed over. We are talking Flood ~ also a good description for the boys pants.

Grabbing the Puffs Plus, I spew promises of Church attendance to this Missionary of 4 1/2 for the following week. She told me I won't remember so we better make a countdown chain.

Countdown Chain?

Yep. Just like the one we made for Christmas. Only this chain had 8 links on which we wrote the days of the week along with the remaining # of days to SUNDAY... dun dun duuuuuunnnnnnn.

Dear Friends , paper countdown chains work.
They can even get you to a realistic religious experience.


Rachel said...

I pray you won't be offended if I offer a suggestion of visiting other churches...actually I say this not knowing what church you went to but I'm just saying I found a true relationship with Christ not at a Mormon church, but let's just say a different church. If you find you lack desire to go, could it be more than that. Just try it out. Spoken in love and truly good intentions and a promise I made to myself & God to speak up when the moment opens itself up...
Tell me to leave it alone, and I will...
Love you tons,
Your cousin,

bevany said...

Good job going to church. Did you make another countdown chain until next week?

Angi said...

Yay Kris! Was it as bad as you thought it would be? And you know I'll always love you eternally damned or otherwise! ;)

Jennifer Gravley said...

Kids are so precious and pure. I knew I loved Kate:) Sometimes it's our kids that make us realize the obvious. Love you