Friday, March 13, 2009

realistic incentive

Been thinkin. (It gets me trouble, but I did it anyway)

I'm going to bribe you.

Post about the contest I've entered, FB, Blogger, My Space....come back and tell me you did, and you will be entered into a drawing IF I win the trip to NYC. (Stipulations suck, but I can't provide fantastic fluff if I don't go...)

What you will win:

A SIGNED print of my creation. :) (Fame is going to my head!)
Random items and memorabilia from my trip to NYC~samples from everwhere I go.
Authentic street vendor ware purchased by me for YOU from corners in the Big Apple.
And I'll throw in more once I am announced the Big WEINER!!!!

Add this pic to your posting and here's the Linkity you'll need...
Let's get my votes rolling in. I have no shame. I'm begging here.

**You need not be my friend or acquaintance to enter... just live in my landlocked Country...


Chris and Bethany said...

I don't need anything, but I do hope you win so I'll do a post anyway!

Angi said...

I posted on my blog and on facebook! Tell me when it ends though...

kristi lee said...

Voted and posting to facebook and blogger as I type. Or am I too late???!! I'd better not be cause I want some NYC goods!!!!!